'Creep Sheet' keeps track of public figures accused of sexual misconduct

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I find it kind of creepy that someone would take the time to keep track of this.


Juan Williams too?

I find it a little creepy that someone would NEED to keep track of it. But as long as people continue to exert power over others for their own sexual benefit, then we need to keep track of it.


They list men/women. It would be interesting to have classifications by religion, ethnicity and age.

At least one of the above is dead. De mortuus nil nisi bonum.

Oh we all got raped by Ronald Reagan all right.


I’m concerned that this is starting to take on a circus atmosphere with too much fanfare. The impact of those who have committed very serious offenses may get diluted by the more famous who were perhaps less offensive. Sexual misconduct is becoming a garbage bag term. I am not advocating for people to remain quiet but more for us as a nation to respond in a meaningful way. It should be obvious we need a national dialog and not tabloid sideshow. The saddest thing about this whole mess is that it’s occurring when our country is without a leader or any publicly recognized moral anchor.


It’s not “sexual misconduct.” It’s harassment, intimidation, and bullying. It’s about people abusing their power, and their victim’s lack of consent is the goal. They do it to show that they can. All of it, every abuse, is serious.


One of the tactics Weinstein (and those like him) used to control others was to employ people to create rumors and false accusations to discredit both their accusers and anyone else with knowledge of what they’d done.

These public hit-lists play right into their hands. Even if 99% of the allegations on this site are true, it is unconscionable to amalgamate things in this way. In fact, the more truth in the bulk of these allegation, the more that a site like this one could be weaponized as a way of discrediting accusers and witnesses, and ruining innocent lives.

The mob mentality response that’s built up in recent weeks has been depressingly predictable.


All I have to say is the above described a good deal of my sexual fantasies in the early 90’s. I make no judgment or further comment from there.

Like other crimes, there has to be some type of relative scale. Sexual harassment is never good, but just as we don’t punish shoplifting the same as we do manslaughter, we should make the distinction between repeated and egregious offenses, and a one-off rude remark at a Christmas party.


Why he works for FOX now, if I remember.
He does work for FOX doesn’t he?

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There is a difference between “conduct” and “misconduct.”
A subtle one.

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I’d be rude to everyone at a Christmas party, if I ever went to one.

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A typo, now fixed.

Well, you just made me nearly spit out the coke I was drinking.


I used the term "misconduct"t from the headline. Given that the term sexual misconduct fits the 15 year old kid who is caught peeing in an alley to the horror of violent sexual assault I would argue that some abuse warrants a more serious response. Sadly, as a professional therapist with many years of treatment related to sexual abuse I have some insight myself. Thank you for correcting me regarding the term used for the article.


I’m guessing you didn’t fantasize about your celebrity crush calling you a “Nazi, a skinhead, a KKK member and a white supremacist,”

I have no idea what kind of person Carey really is - I recognize the stark difference between a filtered “celebrity” media persona and an actual complex human being - but this is why I find celebrity culture in particular, and the human penchant for idolization and demonetization in general, disconcerting. They say never meet your heroes, but the need for heroes and villains is the pursuit of a fantasy and belongs in fiction IMHO. Real life cults of personality range from slightly dehumanizing to extraordinarily dangerous. I think we’d be better off without them.

That’s why I stick to the allegations, available evidence and known facts. When people start trying to evaluate accused famous people, be they Mariah Carey or T.J. Miller, by the characters they play - Carey played a sweetheart and a sex symbol, and apparently Miller plays an asshole (I’ve never seen Silicon Valley) - they miss the point that it’s the person behind the act that did or didn’t hurt someone.

TL;DR ~ Even cultural sex symbols are played by real people who can hurt the people in their lives.


I’m the creator of Creep Sheet, and I was careful to only include allegations of sexual harassment and/or assault. There are a few widely covered allegations of “sexual misconduct” where the nature of the allegations have not been released, and in that case I did not include them on the site.

Two that come to mind are Garrison Keillor and Ryan Lizza. Keillor was accused of “inappropriate behavior” and Lizza of “improper sexual behavior,” but those terms don’t necessarily imply harassment or assault. Until more details are made public they won’t be included on Creep Sheet.