Brands bail on Twitter as Musk's pro-hate policy takes hold

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The obvious solution is to fire someone. Or maybe coax advertisers back with a pony.


Excuse me, I think you mean 4D chess (pushes glasses up nose, sniffles).


The 4th “D” is for “Dummy”


Those advertisers who haven’t quit are finding their ads appearing alongside some of the worst people in the World:

Advertisements for companies including The Wall Street Journal, Nokia, FanDuel, and Thermo Fisher have been appearing on the Twitter accounts of antisemites who have denied the Holocaust. The monetization of accounts run by Holocaust deniers is yet another example of Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s reckless attempts to wring money out of the platform.


I’m sure he’s ranting to all his hostages/employees about all of those businesses being intimidated by a tiny minority of loud, “woke” idiots, and blasting the companies for caving on their actual ideals.


Brands bail on Twitter as Musk’s pro-hate policy takes hold

I wonder how many users have tho.

I still see people linking that Musk-smelling shit (aka Tweets) everywhere, same as before he took over. I avoid that, just like I wouldn’t drive one of that asshole’s cars if someone gave one to me.


Everything I get now is through embeds at other sources and I try to just screenshot to post here. I don’t actually go to the cesspool anymore. I let others do the wading for me…


Elmo this you?


an insult to chess

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I’m sure the higher-ups at many of those companies love the fascist mud pit of unrestrained hatred and ignorance Musk has created… but unlike him, they’re not deluding themselves that the “woke” crowd are a fringe group and the average consumer is a Nazi.


I do have a feeling that somewhere in his financing of this deal (with Saudis, others?) that his behavior in bankrupting the company will be minimized from a financial perspective. I can’t imagine anyone is this dumb. I don’t think he completely anticipated the halo effect of his action on his other companies, however.
Or maybe he is just going “all in” on being an asshole in the hopes of taking the money of the 40% of the world who apparently also have antisocial personality disorders. Who can say anymore as sociopaths seem to be running the world more in the open these days


I’ve been lucky enough to have spent most of my adult life surrounded by competent people, so it strains my imagination as well. Brianna Wu makes a pretty convincing case, however.


Musk: Let’s make Twitter a safe space for Nazis, and not in the hyperbolic sense; I mean actual Nazis.

Brands: Yikes! We don’t want our products associated with Nazis.

Musk: Surprised Pikachu Face


Wu wrote,

We’re about to see NeuraLink, Telsabot, FSD and the House of Elno’s cards come crashing down.

Hmm, it’s been almost three months since she wrote that. I’m not hearing any crashing cards yet…


Well, NeuraLink and Tesla are both under investigation by the Feds for various violations of regulations, so I am hopeful things will continue to falter for Elon. Things always take longer than I would hope, and sometimes the dominoes don’t fall the way I want, but hope remains.

Of course nothing is ever going to make this idiot go away completely. He has far too much money and far too little shame for that.


Elon Musk owes most of his career to the fact that few people imagined how dumb he really was.


My understanding is that the 180k people were just in the US and globally it was… 300k. Which obviously doesn’t change the situation, as it’s still a fraction of what was lost in advertising revenue, much less does it go any distance at all to servicing all the debt with which Elno saddled the company. And I rather suspect this is peak (or close to it) Twitter subscriber numbers, too - people will drop subscriptions as they realize they’re not actually getting anything for the money, as the user experience worsens, and as Elno tries to come up with new revenue-generating schemes that just alienate the remaining users and advertisers.

Oh, but he is - he’s demonstrated that pretty conclusively at this point. Let us not forget, he offered far more for the company than it was worth, apparently as a joke - except then went so far as to make it legally binding, try to back out once he sobered up, and finally realized he couldn’t and went through with the transaction to avoid losing even more. At this point Twitter itself is stuck with the enormous and unnecessary debt from the sale - which it can never pay off, something that would have been obvious before the sale (and before Elno destroyed Twitter’s revenue streams). Which means in the long run either Elno keeps selling Tesla stock or loses the company with nothing to show for it except for the loss of tens of billions of dollars. (At this point the various banks’ stake in the company more or less equals Twitter’s new valuation, so it’s easy to imagine Elno getting pushed out - though I suspect by the time that happens, Twitter will be worth a lot less.)

What I have been seeing is that suddenly the press is suddenly willing to point out that Elno is a naked Emperor. He got away with a lot of bullshit before, but now there’s skepticism when he makes claims and people are willing to talk about problems with his companies’ products. Tesla’s value is being deflated and we’re not going to see those other companies (and their non-existent products) worth get inflated. I feel like a snowball has started rolling and it’ll be a while before we see the impact.