Oh zombie deer

I don’t want drooping ears…

Although a lack of fear of people might be handy. While I last.

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Is this what caused the Walking Dead?!?

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Did they ever reveal a cause? I stopped both reading and watching a few years back.


I watched maybe 3 episodes? never read the comics. But yes, they’ve never revealed the cause.


I thought they telegraphed their intention to never reveal the cause when it was discovered that when people die for any reason they turn into zombies even when not bitten.

They are never going to be able to explain that away.


They could. “Its an airborne transmitted virus that only activates when it comes into contact with necrotic tissue” … done.

As I recall I think the TWD original creator said he never wanted to say how it happened because it wasn’t relevant. His story and focus was about dealing with it being reality, not how it came to be.


Well, they could if it was an airborne cause that lies dormant until bodily functions cease.

You and @quori’s airborne theory doesn’t sit well with me, but I am not here to get into an internet slapfight about it.

Really the problem is that any cause offered is guaranteed to cause many internet slapfights.

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I have zero skin in the “what caused TWD outbreak” merely pointing out thye “could” have easily explained it had they chosen.

End of day…I am in the camp that they do not state those things. I prefer stories that leave some things like that open. Helps draw buzz and speculation. TWD does that well…LOST for example did that poorly.

I actually enjoyed Solo quite a bit, felt it was a good fun romp in the theater. But when they had to give answers to every question “Where did Han get his name? Where did he get his gun? What was his history in the Empire? etc etc” That’s what they screwed up. Too many answers. It’s ok to have some mysteries.


Like the ending of Lost. Meh.

No “reason” is going to sit well because zombies are a conundrum. And any reason is as likely as any other.

God got pissed, and rather than wiping everyone out in one fell swoop, He decided to have some fun.

God is dead, and Satan has taken over.

Everyone in the show/comics are already dead, don’t know it, and this is Hell.

A comet passed over the earth, and everyone was irradiated – some fatally – and it kicked off everything.

Everyone in the books/show are actually being controlled by interstellar creatures, and this is their form of a PvP video game.


Ultimately, it’s down to the creator of the fictional world to decide. And if Kirkman decided there will never be a “cause”, then that’s how it is. For him it’s the journey and not the destination.

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