Oil-rich Saudi Arabia is spending billions in renewable energy

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Should be interesting to watch especially when you start paring solar energy with sea water desalination & irrigation.


But there’s a dark side to this story: developing domestic wind and solar power allows Saudi oil companies to export more of their oil.

That’s the problem with money instead of barter. Other people get to spend some.


I hear they even have a Democracy now too.

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Fools! Clean coal is the future!
Climate change is fake news!


Hey - single malt scotch is for export.

Bwaahaaahaahaaa! I am with you Mckenna Man! Only these Saudi princes are feebleminded enough to fall for the lies of renewables!

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This might be a wise course of action. No one is entirely sure that Saudi Arabia has all the oil that it claims. Reliable estimates of its reserves are pretty much non-existent and what numbers are available are all published by Saudi Aramco which is the sole producer in the country.

Saudi Arabia raised its reserves from 170 billion barrels in 1987 to 260 billion in 1989 without discovering any major new oil fields. Then, in defiance of mere physics, has maintained reserves of 260 billion barrels ever since - despite exporting 94 billion barrels between 1989 and 2016.


Perhaps the GOP can reverse this trend with spooky stories about Solyndra


Provided they can protect the equipment against sandstorms, they could become a big player in electricity export.

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Lots of capital, an avenue to increase export of oil, large amounts of most useless land situated on the sun concentrated part of the world. downside dust…but the peons can blow that away with the breath from their dehydrated lips…must be dehydrated, ■■■■■ lips make for muddy panels.

To see this as making a choice between fossil and renewable is projecting your local energy debate onto the Saudis. Spending money on a solar panel isn’t necessarily an acknowledgement that global warming is a real problem, nor is it necessarily an atonement.
I reckon this is just a rational investment that they expect will pay off.

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