"OK Boomer" comes to the NZ Parliament and makes all the right people angry

We’re not going to be so lucky, not this generation. Maybe the next one.

Why I ought’da! And in my day…




Well, thats perfect than. You shouldn’t be getting worked up about it.

As a Boomer, I have to defend the continued use of the ‘OK Boomer’ meme to insult us. We carry on with our wasteful consumption, oblivious to all else, even in the face of climate change, economic ruin, plastic pollution, racism, immigrant mistreatment, and whatever else is going on in the world. Plenty of shit’s happened on our watch, and clearly we did not fight it hard enough.

Yes, when you’re cutting off a racist, it’s fine to be more specific. But OK Boomer can almost always be safely applied while remaining accurate.


I like how the billionaire oligarchs and other power elite that actually made the decisions about the shape of society, including mandating a political economy built around the internal combustion engine, and the defense of that structure against change, get replaced with a vague an nebulous “Boomers did it” while laughing all the way to the bank.

It’s fossil fuel and fossil feed-stock lobby dollars that orchestrated the climate catastrophe.

It’s rich power brokers that engineered the wealth disparity.

Not your grandma or uncle in the Boomer generation.



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Case in point: Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey, or there’s Richard Spencer, Marine le Pen, Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, all those young people all over the world eagerly embracing and promoting far-right sentiments, and so on… hell, my country’s own Dear Leader, Orbán Viktor, who managed to turn a shaky but developing democracy into complete, corrupt autocracy in less than 4 years, is barely in the “boomer generation” having been born in 1963, and many in his party and business circle are far younger than him…


Boomers aren’t even the oldest generation around. There are still plenty of Silent Generation (1928-1945), and even a few GI (so-called “Greatest”; 1901-1927) generation alive. I mean, as a GenXer with Silent parents, I enjoy blaming Boomers as much as anyone, but I suspect the “Ok Boomer” meme was created by people who couldn’t imagine that anyone could still be alive and not be a Boomer or later.


I an a gen-X too. I have to say OK boomer too. Because I hope to be still alive in 2059.


One of the supposed charges that have been levied at the millennial cohort (the “killing” of various industries) always seemed a) obvious clickbait pseudo-journalism (i.e. not worth taking very seriously) & b) to the extent which it might have a grain of substance, to be in almost every way a point worth celebrating :


I love a quick wit who shuts down an idiot of any flavor. Something I really don’t love are stereotypes. At 73 I’m a boomer only by a couple of months. Before boomers I guess it was all Neanderthals. Guess what though. I don’t fit the stereo type of a boomer, never did save for the birthdate stuff. Therefore it really grinds on my piss-off button to be dismissed by anyone/any age who blissfully throws labels at folks and dismisses them. Boingsters seem to have some sort of pride in being cutting edge clever and progressive thinking. Not all obviously but many of the respondents here are clever and progressive. Please be so good as too stop cheering for our eminent death and the ensuing good that will follow when the last boomer echos away. Many of us have fought the good fight for decades and some of us might have a decade or so left. In summary I would like to say Fuck You to anyone who uses stereotypes instead of specifying why someone’s thinking bothers you.


Preach. No matter how much this gets brought up, mass media keeps the distraction of generational drama going. What’s worse is when anyone brings up haves vs. have-nots, some folks on the anti-Boomer train give a definition of haves that includes anyone not currently in debt or who has assets of any kind. Whoever came up with this strategy is surely patting themselves on the back as have-nots get sucked into a battle over who has it worse right now or who had to overcome more.


While I appreciate a good-faith spirited debate on almost any issue, I really think some are way overthinking a meme the function of which is to make light of the patronizing attitude that a non-trivial cross-section of human beings develop towards their juniors as they’re inexorably conveyed into the role of elders by the implacable arrow of time.

That said, surely we’re smart enough not to take the marketing department at face value. Or, to quote my own favorite narrator of our collective journey into the Dumbening (thank you for that word BTW, I’ve used it often)…

That said, time unmakes us all. Maybe that’s just my Gen X nihilism talking. :wink:


Right on Russell!

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So, you don’t want my help? Born in 1952, getting ready to retire and I think if you look at my past postings, you’ll find me to be a progessive leaning voter.
Be careful who you are willing to write off simply because of their age.


Same thing happened with me and Gen X. First, it was people slightly older than me and I just squeaked
in, then it was my age bracket, and finally I was on the margin on the other side and there were now people ten years younger than me being called it.

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The “Okay Boomer” meaning is basically just saying “we don’t have time for conservative bullshit”, I can really empathize with the sentiment behind it.

The whole reason for the “Boomer” usage is just a natural response to all the “Millenials” flack. they’ve been blamed for things going downhill for a while. why not throw a little shade back on those same people who actually shaped where we are today? Fair play, well played. indeed we don’t have time to wait around, we need change yesterday.


Just wait until someone like Ben Shapiro uses it to discount progressive ideas, because of course they will.