Oklahoma City cops charge Keystone XL protesters with "terrorism hoax" because their banner shed some glitter




Can the artwork be classified as a terrorist act?

This is the new world we live in, where glitter is a hazardous substance and we work to improve our ‘brand’ instead of our product.


Start mailing envelopes of glitter to the OKC cops and see what happens.


Was it the OKC PD, or the prosecutor? It’s the prosecutor’s office who decides the charges. Not that the OKC PD are blameless, but when it comes to bogus charges, I would look at criticizing the prosecutors, not the cops, because they have ultimate discretion and responsibility here. Cops can arrest you for all kinds of shit, only the prosecutor can charge and go ahead to trial. Prosecutors are also more susceptible to political pressure.


Hopefully the accused will cut a deal with the DA’s office and plead guilty to misdemeanour decoration with intent, be sentenced to 4 years and let out after two on parole, spend the rest of their lives on an art-shop offenders list and not be allowed to live within 1500 yards of a craft store.


The protesters will furthermore be charged for replacement of the balcony glass after the banner is removed with a sledgehammer.




Is there a way to charge them with poor spelling? It’s spelled favour. You’ll need to know that when your new Canadian overlords plough into town bringing you the doughnuts of valour and honour.


It wouldn’t be the first terrorist artwork.


We’ll never accept your spelling!


You mock the police, but you’ve never had acute glitter poisoning.


Isn’t that the point of glitter? To make things cute?


But did you ever get glitter in your eye? OUCH!
Think of the children!!!


I can’t totally fault the police here. Everyone knows that once you drop glitter somewhere, that place will be infested for life. Old AC Moore and Michaels stores have to be burned to the ground to avoid infecting any subsequent tenants to those buildings with glitter. It’s harder to get rid of than Herpes.


Children with badges and guns?


How did those various “glitter bombing” protesters fare when they dumped glitter all over electoral candidates? I don’t remember them being charged with “terrorism”, certainly. There’s surely legal precedent here.


I would think that the citizens of The Capitol would be accustomed to having glitter strewn all about…


What if something were to fall or drip out of the pipeline? Would that also be considered terrorism?


I don’t think it’s a glitter pipeline.


That would be a great name for a 70’s-style glam band - The Glitter Pipeline