Oklahoma officials fight for their right to steal money and property for personal use

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What a delightful non sequitur. What do the ADA’s student loans have to do with prosecuting drug cases?


How 'bout you shut the fuck up and get outta here if you know what’s good for you…
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It’s too bad that the “Have you no sense of decency, sir. At long last, have you no sense of decency?” inquiry can now typically be answered in the negative, followed by an unendurably smarmy invocation of ‘the children’ or ‘drugs’.

It’s too bad that nobody is likely to be willing to RICO these guys; because they sure as hell deserve all that and more.


The audit also found the District Attorney’s Office didn’t report the benefit as income for tax purposes.

Ignore ruling, get free housing with repairs billed to the DA’s office and on top off all that tax evasion. Just lovely.


They have a great training manual – pretty much have it down to art.
This is the procedure for extracting milk-money from truant students.


So, what basis of law are they using to fight back against this? And, I assume that they will be using taxpayer dollars for the the lawsuits and the endless appeals also.


Well the guy that mugs you uses that money for nice shoes so he can run away faster. Something kinda like that only the mugger instead of running away is locking you up.


The latest Bush caught a lot of flack for observing that people don’t seem to have any shame any more. Of course he was talking about something else, but damn if he isn’t right in this case. These people should be hiding their faces and praying they don’t go to jail, but instead they’re fighting legislation that would curb blatant theft. Chutzpa. No shame.


“I know for a fact we all try to work very hard to rid this devil’s candy [drugs] off of our state. And for someone to try and push us back — sheriff’s departments, police departments — that’s how we continue our fight, is to take that money and go forward,” Stradley said. “That will set us back many, many, many years.”

In this guy’s case he can’t afford to be set back even a few years, or he’ll lose even what sub-rudimentary grasp of language he’s managed to garner. Who lets this fucken imbecile talk to the press? They’d be better off having a K-9 do their PR.


A pretty good explanation.

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