Nebraska just abolished civil forfeiture


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And now we need a federal law to rule them all.


Awesome. Holy crap I don’t understand how this is still a thing.


Corruption. Greed. Institutional apathy. Distractions from the important by the venial-but-flashy. Racism. The rest is details on those themes.


Finally some good news on boingboing.


That’s probably because you don’t SUPPORT OUR POLICE and want to just surrender in the WAR ON DRUGS and other CATCHY SLOGANS THAT FIT ON BUMPER STICKERS.


I can’t read the article because Forbes. Does this change anything about federal “equitable sharing” in Nebraska? (The fed “equitable sharing” program was off for a while, but last I heard it’s back on.)


This makes me feel like Nebraska is such a safer place for me!

No getting shot by cops while trying to get my stolen property back from thief cops. Sounds wonderful.




Because civil forfeiture laws do have a real purpose.

I never understood why the laws were structured so that police departments get to keep assets they seize. It creates all the wrong incentives and the outcome is almost inevitable.


Oh, make no mistake: the cops will still take your stuff. There just isn’t a law now that explicitly says they can, and that the proceeds go to the police dept. Your money & stuff are just going to go into cops’ individual pockets now, because good luck prosecuting them.


Yes we do.


Next squared.


Fascism isn’t sustainable with connectivity.

Fight back against fascism.

Foot the fools back down.


P.S. Whose boot on whose neck now?


The Nebraska one gave 50% to the Cops and 50% to the education dept – which probably made it harder to get forfeiture overturned because think of the children…




As far as I can tell they serve a purpose in the case of a criminal conviction. I don’t see what purpose they serve outside of that.


As conservatives love to quote the Romans: Cui bono?

Police unions have power. Proles have out-of-state plates. Who ya’ gonna call?


Wait completely? What about victims of fraud and theft? You know, the people these laws were supposed to benefit.