Old Kathmandu – what was lost



Kevin, thank you for this beautiful gallery. I rode from the Indian border to Kathmandu on the top of a truck in December of 1970, but without a camera. When I returned (with Olympus XA) in 1985, the wheel had arrived, but not too much else had changed. I have some very similar pics to many of yours… but nothing like that panoramic view of Swayambhu. Spectacular! My heart also goes out to all the people of Nepal. May the have a brighter future, and reclaim their past in the process.

Thanks so much for these photos. My girlfriend (now wife) and I went to India and Nepal in 2003. We fell in LOVE with Nepal and its people. Seeing these pictures brought back so many memories.

I’ve never seen kids playing with a hoop & stick outside of old comic strips and possibly Our Gang/Little Rascals.

And what the heck is going on here?


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