Old School One-upsmanship


Name something that was old school to you. Or post something that is more old school that a previous poster. Be real :slight_smile:

My first PC was a TRS-80 modded with a piggy backed 1K memory chip to enable lower case letters.

(No matter how old school I think I am I know someone is way, way more old school than me. I expect someone will tell me how they had to rewire their computer to program it, or cut new gears for their Babbage Engine :smile: )



Both my brother and sister are whizzes on an abacus. Do you know how to wield that thing?


Well, that beats the slide rules I inherited, I assume you can actually use it (or knew at some time in the past) :slight_smile:


What’s the third stack for?


That’s a Russian abacus that was meant for monetary calculations. The short stack is for quarter rubles I think. (It’s a quarter fraction of something.)


[quote]Russian Shoty 10 or 4 beads, 10 digits
Brand: Unknown
Material: Oak wood frame, curved steel rods and oak beads
Age: Unknown
Beads: 10b x 9 + 4b x 1 Note the 4 beads digit is for 1/4 Kopecks)
Digits/Columns: 10
Size: 240 x 165 mm (9.6x 6.6")[/quote]


Pretty sure this comic encapsulates the entire thread before it even began:

Alt-text: Real programmers set the universal constants at the start such that the universe evolves to contain the disk with the data they want.



At the rate that posts are being withdrawn, you won’t find anything here tomorrow. the whole BBS will be gone.




What is that? Can you provide a link?


I see your abacus and raise you urnary numerals and concatenation. Written in the dirt.


It’s an elegant way of doing fractions.


Here you go.
Explanation under the section marked mathematics.


Dirt? Real counting takes commitment.


I got this model for one of my birthdays (maybe 12th?).

My mom was still using it until she died in 2010.

(I figured we need to move to electronics…)


One of the earliest iterations of the RATS Nest BBS. Sorry about the picture quality, it’s from a newspaper article. It was quite the thing in 1983. Yes, that’s a TRS-80 Model 1 with floppy drives (only) and a 300 baud modem.


Only a few more years and it would be on:

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