Old weird war technology like parachuting pigeons and and flying sharks


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Needs laser beams.





Nothing about Lytle’s bat bombs or the anti-sub crinoids?


The war would have been six weeks shorter with those flying sharkplanes. Think of the lives that could have been saved!


I knew Blizzard didn’t make this up on their own…


The developers of RADAR were originally give a brief to develop a device that would boil a gallon at a great distance. “Okay, they want a death ray, don’t they.” A brief review of available technology made them realize that there was no way they could build that. But they came back with a proposal to use radio wave to DETECT aircraft at a distance of several miles.



Nah, that’s just a screengrab from Sharknado!


I guess it’s fairly well known around here, but I still enjoy the great carrot hoax:

The rumour, that carrots improve night vision, was originally started to cover some advances in British radar. I’m sure the originators would be delighted to know that something so ridiculous is still widely quoted today (even in Germany).


To which we will add…
Taking off and landing a plane from a trapeeze

and yanking a glider off the ground


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