Amazing birdseye photos taken by pigeons a century ago


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With drones, we have basically reinvented the pigeon.


Wow! Way ahead of his time.





Beat me to it…I was gonna say,

You mean like crapping all over everything from the air?


Gotta have a hobby.


I wonder if we’d won the war sooner if we’d just shat all over Hitler?

It would certainly have been demoralizing.


Guy at work today was talking about about how it’s ironic that 4/20 weed appreciation day was the same as Hitler’s birthday, then someone else started talking about how the Nazis had been been studying cannabis too, and developed their own strain of weed that was supposedly super powerful.

“Yeah” he said, “that stuff would get you really Heil.”



Earlier attempts involved strapping cameras to live pigs and pushing them off roofs.


Even earlier attempts involved daredevil motorcycle stunts


Looking at these photos, and the New Yorker article which contains many more, I can imagine the delicious excitement and anticipation he may have felt developing these, especially after seeing a few real stunners and realizing just what he’d created.


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