Omnom: Hand crafted Icelandic chocolate


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It looks gorgeous. I see they export widely., which leads me to wonder if it is almost compulsory for them to do so. With Iceland’s small population, could ultra-specialised businesses survive without some sort of global reach.

If cacao is native to Central and South America, isn’t it odd that we don’t have more famous chocolate brands from those regions?

What does the burned sugar contribute? It’s a complex flavor. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Actually it isn’t. Chocolate as we consume it now in bar form wasn’t created in the South and Central America, it was developed in Europe. South and Central America consumed cacao by drinking it. And many of the regions chocolates are usually more grainy and earthy for the liking of western consumers (who are the main consumers of chocolate). Outside of the west, chocolate as we eat it is actually not as popular as people think.

I do recommend Grenada chocolate ( they are completely bean to bar and while they are on the drier side, with an earthy flavor, they still have some of the smooth texture. It’s a good starting point for people who want to try something that isn’t traditional western chocolate but won’t be too different.

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It gives it the sweet caramel taste. It’s not an over powering burned sugar taste (which is fine by me) and also helps with the slight smokey flavor you get with the buttermilk on the finish.

You mean you don’t grow any cocoa beans AT ALL?

Actually precious little candy is exported from Iceland - which is a tragedy as it is generally so good. Their domestic industry is pretty much set up to satisfy local demand and the high cost of shipping to pretty much anywhere means it can’t compete in the global market.

And it’s not just chocolate, their dairy industry produces the utterly magnificent skyr - something between cream cheese and fromage frais but without the fat. Can you get it outside of Iceland? Apart from a few special stores, not a chance.

And Omnom chocolate is bloody marvellous.

Well alright, I’ll try Omnom and Grenada. Thanks for the recommendation.

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I was happy to find this article on Omnom’s ethical stance. Will try it without guilt!!omnom/cq48

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