On fanboys


I would like to read the article, but the crap popping in all over the place stopped me in my tracks.


I have noticed that it has a lot to do with context and are the other parties in the conversation friend or foe. Get two polarized sides debating and it is difficult to find anyone admitting any faults. But within the individual sides where everyone already agrees with each other, the criticism and faults are acknowledged much more readily.

For example, I heard both of these statements come from the same person, the only difference was the different people involved in the conversations: “Apple is better because it just works”, and “I can’t get x to work because I can’t upgrade the apple OS because y doesn’t work”.

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Now that I think about it, fanboys and haters may be two sides to the same coin, people who project personal qualities onto the things they use.

I will admit it: I am a Jabberwocky fanboy. When I first started using Jabberwocky, I thought it was a pretty useful app for gimbling on Wabe.com. It has decent slythy tove support, too. But it was just another gyring app.

That changed in version 2.0. They made a radical UI overhaul, and now you could outgrabe your mome raths with one click. But the new Vorpal system - I hesitate to call it a mere feature - was something else. I’d tried other gyring-and-gimbling programs, but the whole Vorpal system was a new way of looking at the problem. As soon as I figured out how it worked (Jabberwocky is not an easy app to use, but once you get it you get it) and I could see what the developers were trying to do, I was submerged in frabjous joy. They understood what I needed. Someone was on my side. I want the world to be a better place for people who give me things like Jabberwocky Vorpal.

Let me contrast this to Bandersnatch. Bandersnatch just sucks. The new Tulgey Wood UI actively tries to prevent me from getting any gimbling done. It’s overcomplicated and galumphs under even moderate processor load. The snicker-snack sound effects are annoying the thousandth time you’ve heard them. People keep blithering on about how powerful and manxome it is, but all I can see is that it is trying to get between me and what I want done. It makes me just frumious.

If I could kill a Bandersnatch developer and get away with it - well, I’m not saying I would, but a lot of uffish thought would be required for me to make the right decision.


I think that website was created by one of those Web 2.0 fanboys


That’s the"awesome" Verge design work.

Copy and paste into your favourite text editor. As long as it isn’t Vi.



<img src=“Alien vs Predator spoof movie poster.jpg”>

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Thanks. Awesomely annoying, it was.

I missed the discussion of psychology. Or the discussion whether they are a net positive or negative for a company. The design was awesome. The content… ehh.

Content vs. Presentation?

Serious question: Is there a gender neutral form of “fanboi” that has the same public understanding?

Leaving out a section talking about an apple fanboy was interesting. It’s like the author is goading fanboys into ranting about it.

Also, whether you like the design or not, it’s kind of cool that it looks more like each OS if you read it on different platforms, which is sort of a comment on confirming your OS biases in an echo chamber.

Or something.

i love the design work on The Verge. best layouts on the web that i’ve seen, actually. fun and creative. different strokes!

I particularly like this bit:

His persona, like that of your average fanboy, is fed by the perpetual-motion machine of tech media. He typically reads 20 tech news sites and watches as many YouTube channels every day; he’s spent so much time reading articles about phones and watching videos about phones he’s become a walking encyclopedia of stats.

As one commenter on Reddit, described it:

They don’t want a fast phone. They want a quad-core phone. They don’t want a good-looking display, they want a 1080p display. They don’t want a battery that lasts X hours, they want a X mAh battery.
Anonymous Fanboy (Reddit)

That sort of thing just drives me nuts.

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I’m an apple user, though the last piece of hardware I bought from them was an iPad 3, so perhaps I’m not a fanboy. Growing up, my Dad had an Apple IIe, then a IIgs. then a succession of Macs. And so, my iMac is in a long tradition…

The Apple II was distinguished by the “evangelist”, the user who was attached to the Apple II when the Commodore 64 seemed to have better games; the IBM, better business acceptance; and the Mac had an altogether better user interface. The evangelist agitated for schools, friends, and programmers to climb aboard the Apple II bandwagon-- because mass acceptance would lead to better hardware and software availability. When Richard Garriott announced that Ultima VI would be a IBM only game, we were just crushed. He had even demoed his game to our Apple II user’s group, (Washington Apple Pi) so it felt like a massive betrayal. Of course, Garriott knew where his bread was buttered-- the IBM/VGA/Soundblaster combination was clearly the future of gaming.

So it is with iOS-- Apple has to produce a better Operating system than google and a better tablet/phone/next generation device of the week than Sony or Samsung or Microsoft or whomever because Apple needs developers to think “Of course we’ll be developing our apps and our peripherals for Apple’s machines-- they are just that cool.”

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You’re fucking pathetic!.. You have your head so far up your ass!..

Highly skeptical he would get you’re/your correct.

is there a gender neutral form of “fanboi”



I’m going to go with ‘no’ on that one. English doesn’t exactly have strong legacy support for gender neutral forms, and gender-neutralized constructions seem to be in demand mostly where some sort of official or public purpose requires them.

(Plus, the ‘fanboy’ as a stereotype isn’t really gender neutral at all. He’s male. Not in a complimentary sense, since the term simultaneously invokes the atavistic aggression and impulse control of the football hooligan and the neutered postindustrial fecklessness that so bothered that guy from Fight Club who was/wasn’t Tyler Durden so much; but it doesn’t lack a gender neutral term just because of some historical linquistic quirk.)

(edit: on consideration, the analogy to the word ‘neckbeard’ strikes me. That’s a slightly more extreme stereotype; but similarly gender-linked. There might be a matching female equivalent; but a gender-neutral word wouldn’t be a synonym anymore.)


You and me both. After all, 1080p displays are worthless 16:9 TV crap being sold as ‘HD’ to the clueless masses and haven’t been impressive since, like, five years ago.

Disagree with the assertion that use of the word ‘fanboy’ is without exception cliched. A cliche may be invoked inappropriately, but it almost always only comes into being because it accurately describes a certain sort of thing that really exists.

As to the use of cliches as a way to insult others and shut down conversations, I am of the view that some people invite insult by their actions or words, and some conversations are better shut down.