On Fire: Naomi Klein's book is a time-series of the shift from climate denial to nihilism to Green New Deal hope

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Hi Cory

Greta Thunberg isn’t founder of Extinction Rebellion, but of the Children’s Climate Strike - it’s better than that - two powerful new movements with complimentary aims arising simultaneously.

And Green New Deal " was hatched in a London bar" in 2007, lately picked up by AOC https://www.theguardian.com/environment/audio/2019/apr/23/how-the-green-new-deal-was-hatched-in-a-london-bar-podcast


The more the merrier!

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The only real lesson that Star Wars taught me, is not to limit myself to what my opposition wants to keep me from doing.

This is the New Hope I get from today’s young rebels- in order to mitigate climate change, we are going to have to build geniune democracy. And when genuine democracy exists, its not limited to just protecting the climate, it can begin to address all the other problems that inperialism has created in this brief technological exuberance.

Its like all the beneficial spin offs for NASA built technologies. Preserving the atmosphere sounds as far fetched today, as making it to the moon used to sound. But the benefits keep multiplying once that effort is successful!


In an interview with the Intercept, AOC said she wasn’t/they weren’t even planning on calling it GND but that everyone around them – community, activists and press – started calling it that, so she just went with it.

On Fire: Naomi Klein’s book is a time-series of the shift from climate denial to nihilism to Green New Deal hopium.



This book is next on my stack. I found it as I was borrowing, “The Green New Deal” by Jeremy Rifkin, 2019, from my library. Rifkin also refers to AOC’s Green New Deal, but from an economic theorist’s view. He paints it as more of an inevitability as the carbon bubble bursts. I’d personally not wait for something like that, but it’s interesting to hear about it from an economist.

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I like Rifkin’s “European Dream” about the European Union and its history (which I knew next to nothing about), so I should add this one to my list.

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