On January 1, America gets its public domain back: join us at the Internet Archive on Jan 25 to celebrate


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I’ve been holding my breath waiting for some copyright maximalist fuckery in Congress before the end of the year. I imagined Trump shaking hands with Mickey Mouse in front of an army of lawyers proudly announcing new legislation he’s just signed to fuck over the public domain for another 100 years. Glad I seemed to be wrong.


Some good stuffs in here -


I’m looking forward to the 30s and 40s stuff getting loose. I’d love for a new wave of noir period pieces free from the tangles of copyright clearances.


Surprise, I’m celebrating right now!


The period to public domain needs to be shortened, especially these days.

Anything added to the public domain can be used equally by anyone, a right much more valuable than individual intellectual property rights. we have to find a better way.


Spoiler alert: apparently there was another big war.

It makes little sense to anyone but the rights older to sit on things so long. In music, most of the value has been extracted within 5 years, and almost all of it within ten, except for the very few lucky people who write a classic, and are rich anyway. Patents, which often become more valuable with time, run out in 20 years.


It ain’t over `til it’s over.


Just in time for Canada to (maybe, probably) enter a similar drought.



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