On Thanksgiving Eve, Facebook quietly admitted to hiring dirty tricksters to publish an anti-Semitic Soros hoax smearing its critics

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I am still baffled as to why people stay with Facebook, outside of pure masochistic tendencies.


I never tried. As soon as I found out that they were serious about wanting my real name, I decided that having all my friends and family together in one place, ready to scoop up, was a bad idea for a Scientology critic.

If I’d known how bad they were about detecting fake personas, I might have tried it.


Later, when the “Freedom from Facebook” campaign emerged as a so-called grassroots coalition, the team asked Definers to help understand the groups behind them. They learned that George Soros was funding several of the coalition members. They prepared documents and distributed these to the press to show that this was not simply a spontaneous grassroots movement.

Trust abusers “pretty damn sure” there has to be a reason why victims want to leave the relationship. What could that reason be? Don’t they trust us?


I haven’t signed on in ages. I expected some form of contact from them trying to persuade me to come back, but none materialized. I still do Instagram. Maybe that’s enough to satisfy them.


A great day to bury bad news.


FB should get their money back. The PR firm Definers took them on in 2017 – & FB’s reputation has declined ever since.


Inertia and ignorance for older people; acquisitions of new competitor platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp to keep younger people in their toxic ecosystem.

Most people who are aware of the issues surrounding privacy and tech avoid having a personal account there.


I have to agree with this. I left Facebook for good earlier this year and keeping in touch with some of my relatives is nearly impossible now.

I’m not going back though, my mental health suffers too much when I get a stream of far-right propaganda.


Any why would they want to do this?


Any why would they want to do this?

Because the far right has been in control of all the levers of government for the last two years, and Facebook is rightfully concerned that the unpredictable Trump administration may decide that a large platform that doesn’t privilege far-right garbage is due to be investigated for antitrust violations.


They have to keep those MAUs up or at least steady for the next quarterly report, so FB couldn’t afford to be seen as a platform that didn’t tolerate the intolerant; instead they welcomed them as members of mainstream America, which wasn’t a big stretch considering that a third of the electorate supports a racist right-wing populist regime.


It made me feel connected, hearing from many friends over the course of the day. It seemed so cool to be in contact with them.

But it wasn’t really contact. A steady stream of “this is what I’m feeling right now,” “this is what I’m doing right now,” sent out to the world in general is not meaningful communication nor real friendship.

Never-ending, constantly passed-on political rants and false claims (don’t think I ever saw a liberal one, only conservative) full of outright lies made my blood pressure level unhealthy.

Life was better for me before and after facebook. Loving that I left it.


Yes, but…



I refuse to damage my sanity by returning. I was never on there with my real name anyway though I’m sure they have ways to get around that. This has caused a rift with some older family. They simply cannot see the harm in it and think I’m paranoid and intolerant. Honestly, I enjoy not hearing from them.


I joined Facebook as “Bozobub Clownlord” simply to get a free game — or DLC, I forget exactly what — and happily never came back when someone complained about my name. No, Facebook, I categorically am not going to send you a photocopy of my ID, thenkyew. I see plenty of obvious screen names that go without comment, bite me.

Twitter went the exact same route, except no one complained; I just left immediately and directed all their emails to my Spam folder; I guess I AM still a member ^^’.


Zuckerberg, lick my nuts. Your company and you are both garbage, and I think of you in the same terms as venereal diseases.

You have cheapened the meaning of friendships and spread lies to influence society.

I hope you rot in hell.


I never saw the value of Farcebook or Twitter or any of the other “social media” platforms. The closest I come is (Boing)^2 comments. My love life hasn’t suffered, nor has my employment. Everybody needs to remember that “There Is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch” (I pay to read newspapers, even on-line, and if I like a “Free Book” from Baen I will buy it. That way I never feel like a freeloader, and I don’t feel bad about ad-blocking.


Are those relatives worth “keeping in touch with”?

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“Unfair claims” = “true stuff we don’t like to hear.”