On the Ropes, the long-awaited sequel to Kings in Disguise


I just read this the past weekend. Agreed, it is spectacular! I have KINGS IN DISGUISE in hardcover,a numbered version that I had signed in San Diego way back. These two books are about as good a representative of how to tell a story in the graphic novel format as you can find by anyone other than Will Eisner.

ON THE ROPES is a wonderful story with sadness and joy, pathos and suspense. It “ain’t just a comic book”!

To anyone that wonders, this is worth the money and more, a better entertainment deal than most any movie. Especially because once read, it can be read again and the depths of this story plumbed even deeper. It’s a great book.

Wow I’d never thought I’d hear anyone write about Kings In Disguise. No wonder I was having a hard time finding the original issues, I didn’t know it was so highly regarded. I sold mine to raise some money for a trip years ago and, like stories of parents throwing out comic collections, I missed them and regretted it later. Solid story telling. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

I think the HC version of KINGS is still available. If not, do the Ebay or whatever. Too damn good not to keep on the shelf! I treasure my copy and this one is now right next to it on the shelf!

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