Saga Volume 5: proving you can do big SF with crazy aliens and deep politics

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Fiona Staples and Brian K Vaughan have been blowing the lid off of comics for nearly five years now with their Image title Saga, a comic about intergalactic war, politics, sex, death, betrayal, true love, parenting, reality TV and alcoholic hack writers.

Staples takes us deeper into futuristic politics than we’ve gone so far in the story

I’ll absolutely be picking up volume 5 of Saga, because the series is amazing. But I’m a little hesitant about this part. To me, the politics and technology and aliens were somewhat interesting, but they always felt like a red herring.

The core story — the war between bigotry and love, the way a child completely changes your life, the obligations of having an extended family, the ugly spiral of revenge, the banality and destruction that can be wrought by infidelity and drugs — those themes could be set in a galaxy far far away, or in 16th century Verona, or in Denver, CO.


Don’t hesitate, buy it. It has politics, but in in the boring sit and talk for hours way, it still has very sparse dialogue like the previous volumes (in a good way). It is up to the same excellent standards as all the other volumes, really.

Also, to the author, there won’t be another volume by Xmas, in all probability; the next series hasn’t even started yet (grumble). I also recommend going to your local comic store, and getting the singles as they come out, its the best way to support the creators, and the best way of finding new gems. Saga was my gateway drug (I hadn’t touched a comic since Sandman, in highschool), and now I have a box at our local store that me and my lady friend visit monthly (a good excuse for a date night as well). Now we get to support local business, those creative types, and have a nice dinner date, win, win, win.

Check out the new Animal Man if you need a fix.

Oh dear, more things for the box. Thanks for the suggestion.

This is still a better schedule than Orcstain or Planetary.

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