Saga Deluxe Edition Volume 1 hardcover

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Saga, the creator-owned gonzo science fiction comic from Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples may be the best sf comic since Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan, and the three collections published to date are already canon, with the long-awaited number four around the corner. To get all your friends ready for it, there’s a new gorgeous, massive hardcover volume collecting the first three installments.

I just bought the first 2 volumes and now the volumes are collected? I hate that, pretty much why I stopped buying Fables. I bought 7 volumes and then they started doing collected volumes.

This book was announced months ago. But, yeah, if this bothers you, you’ve got a tough row to ho. I’m sure there will be several collections, i.e. Walking Dead, as Saga (please please please) continues on over the years.

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I quite like Saga but I cannot allow the comparison to Transmetropolitan. Trans is one of the most overrated series in the history of comics. I genuinely apologize for skewing totally negative here but as I said, this comparison must not stand. Trans is awful and I beg you all to never read it.

I love a breast-feeding baby as much as anyone, but I can’t help think it was done better in their original Volume One cover:

I guess maybe I just like seeing the actual principal characters. A boob taking up 1/4 of the cover just seems a bit gratuitous, even if it is entirely non-sexual.

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If you don’t want to wait, you have the option to just pick up a copy of the comic book every month, to get your Saga fix on! I like getting the real comics, cause that is how they were meant to be read, and they are highly collectable. You could also get it electronically, comics look amazing on the iPad retina display, and great for traveling. (i.e. better then lugging some huge books to France.) Saga is great read for sure, so in whatever form you are reading it, enjoy it and cheers!

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