Behind the scenes at Saga


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From this article, it sounds as if a large part of Mr Vaughan’s creative process consists of freaking out. I follow the exact same strategy, but he seems to get much better results than I do.


Also, why does my story no longer work at all?


But seriously, I love your book. It’s the shiny spot on the comic rack every month that keeps me going back to the shop. I had to actually register on BB to send you my thanks and fan love.

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Yep. Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples, the pre-gangsta rap N.W.A. of the comics world. As a lifelong comics aficionado of 38 years, Saga is far and above and away the best and most creative comic book I have ever had the pleasure to read, stare at, and then tuck carefully into a pristine plastic sheath with cardboard backing while carefully controlling my pulse and breathing.

If you read this B.K.V. thanks for no variants on #25 (it’s just the principle, Marvel ruined the specialness of it, like they do with everything else) and thanks for publishing with Image. Despite what the media pays attention to, most readers I talk to know that Image has been putting out FUCKING CLASSICS for years now, and at a much much higher quality and lower price than any of the underwear-on-the-outside guys.

Back to your book though, I’ve always wondered how much you and Fiona collaborate on the visual side of the worlds, ships, buildings, and peoples of Saga (which are instantly arresting and immediately draw you in). Do you say “She’s a pink, floating, severed at the waist, teenager ghost, with kind of reptilian nose-holes, and entrails hanging down”? And Fiona goes to town?

Did King Robot get the big flatscreen head for becoming king, or did he become king because he had the biggest head?

Beautiful collection, going to order it as soon as I have some extra scratch (which means basically once I stop being a subsistence cab driver), thanks for the excerpt and just for being on BoingBoing and brightening everyone’s Friday morning.

If you like Saga, you must be smart. Smart people live at BoingBoing. Hope you stick around.

I just realized that BB uses Amazon affiliate links pretty frequently, but they never disclose the fact that they receive compensation for them (at least not in the posts themselves, or as prominently as the links)… even though the FTC has required such disclosures from bloggers for the past five years.

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I thought this was going to be an exposé of terrible conditions on holidays for the over 50s…


Pretty sure Mark Twain didn’t originate, or even use, the “no time for a shorter letter” line.1

The testicles one, though, is probably his.

I know this post is about Saga, which is excellent and has many well-deserved honors, but I need to point out that BKV is also currently publishing another series, The Private Eye, set in a future where the internet is dead and privacy is enshrined as one of society’s most important values… it’s being published exclusively online, in a “pay what you want” format for each issue (even if what you want to pay is 0, but it’s worth more), at

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Access to free ice cream and living with a dog are your go-to examples of “lousy jobs?” You must live a damn charmed life, Vaughn.

We have it in our policies, but adding a disclosure to each page isn’t a problem. I’ll have that done soon.

I actually looked at your TOS and didn’t see anything. The only place you mention it is in your privacy section, where you mainly disclose the tracking ability inherent in these links. This hardly seems like the best place to disclose that you have a material financial relationship with places you link to.

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So you did see it in our policies—you just “didn’t see anything”. Sounds like Mr. Angry needs his nap.

“when you make a purchase on after clicking an Amazon link on our site, we collect a small portion of the sale from Amazon as part of the Amazon Affiliate Program.”

Nonetheless, a more prominent disclosure (on the same page as the links) will be implemented.

No, I didn’t see it in your “policies.” I actually looked in what seemed like the most appropriate places before my initial post: your “TOS” and “About Us” links at the bottom of the main BB page. I didn’t look on your “Privacy” page because that wouldn’t seem to be a logical place to disclose financial relationships. After your statement that you already disclose this in your “policies,” I looked there, too.

I guess I need a nap just like all those who whinge and moan about information being buried in click-wrap licenses, fine print, and/or terms of service need their naps, too (nevermind that simply putting them in those places doesn’t actually satisfy the law). A sleepy bunch, we are.

Well, you said you didn’t see it. But you did see it!

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