Saga: visually stunning, sweet and exciting space opera comic from Brian "Y: The Last Man" Vaughan


Brian K Vaughan is best known for creating the wonderful apocalyptic adventure-comic Y: The Last Man. His new project, Saga, is a significant departure from Y in setting and tone, but it is every bit as great -- and a little bit better, if you ask me. The setup is that two posthuman species --… READ THE REST


I guess I need to quit browsing BoingBoing at work.


That spider lady's balance should be pretty shitty, with only two free walking hands and that copper mushroom for a third.


How about a 'after the jump' for some of those photos, please...


Just finished volume 2, and I'm loving this title.


Saga got nominated for a boatload of Harvey Awards today. It deserves it.


THIS. And not just on this post.


Yup, loving this, it basically throws in everything, but somehow it all works.


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