Brian K Vaughan and Cliff Chang's Papergirls: like an all-girl Stranger Things, with time-travel


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Brian K Vaughan is one of my very favorite comics creators, though the erratic schedule of Saga, the psychedelic, sexy space opera he and Fiona Staples created has frustrated me at times – and then I remember that Vaughan is so erratic because he’s so busy, creating new titles like 2015’s Paper Girls, which Image Comics began to collect in two volumes this year: Book 1 last April, and Book 2 on December 6.


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One of the reasons for Saga’s erratic schedule is to allow Fiona Staples time to do other projects/not be hunched over a drawing board or staring at a computer screen all day every day just to produce a monthly comic, as well as giving them both time to go to conventions, meet fans & generally be human beings.

From the end of the first arc Vaughan has stated their intention would be to produce an arc on a monthly basis & then a few months break before starting the next arc.

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