Paper Girls 4: duelling invisible megabots, time travel and the prime directive, now with more Hugo nominations!

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Paper Girls is the outstanding Stranger-Things-esque graphic novel series by Brian K Vaughan and Cliff Chiang, a tale of time-travel, meddling, war and coming of age whose mind-bending twists and turns earned it a Hugo nomination this year. Now Paper Girls 4 is on shelves, and it’s time to party like it’s 1999.



Also, am I a bad person for wiling that falling megabot to land on the Applebee’s?


Say no more. Brian K Vaughan is the most consistently impressive writer working in comics today.

just found out my local library has free access to hoopla, which has comics and books to check out.

They just happen to have all 4 of the Paper Girls too! Just read them all in a marathon and now switching over to re-reading the whole run of Transmetropolitan with Spider Jerusalem.


Cory, “MegaBots” is trademarked by MegaBots, Inc. and should not be used to generically describe robots other than those created or licensed by the company. Myself and the team at MegaBots would appreciate a change of phrasing out of respect for the tremendous amount of work we have put in. We’ve spent a ton of energy to create a unique brand for these incredible robots! Thanks much.


Boom, done.

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