First look at Amazon's PAPER GIRLS adaptation

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Fingers crossed it fairs better than Y did (one season and then canceled). Paper Girls is crazy good!

They need to shoot it all in a hurry before the actors grow up, though. If they have to go one season a year, waiting on renewals that may or may not happen, it’s not going to work


I am not finished with it, but I love it as far as I’ve gotten.


Paper Girls is fantastic, I really enjoyed reading it.

As much as I have liked Stranger Things, I hope they don’t just treat this as an excuse to palette-swap that and get a hit, because it really is its own story and deserves to be treated as such.


If you like the eighties and time-travel shenanigans, you should watch Dark if you haven’t already.


Not Read or Die and now I am disappointed.

The title immediately reminded me of Good Girls Revolt. Hope this lasts longer, too.

I loved that series. It was absolutely amazing.

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Did you spend more time than was reasonable trying to graph the relationships between the characters? Because I did.

I also can’t believe the effort they went to to find sets of actors who genuinely looked like the same character at different ages. Especially middle-aged and old-aged Ulrich: at first, I really believed they’d cheated and used the same actor with make-up and a grey wig.

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I did not, I just went with it, but I can see how that would be an interesting puzzle to sort through. There was a lot of stuff to dig up in that series.

Casting was on point, for sure!

Looking forward to their next series 1899:

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I did not know about that. Thank you, you just made my evening.

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Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully, it will be as good as Dark.

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