On this day in 1967, Muhammad Ali was indicted

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I remember this well, our community center boxing instructor read us the newspaper clipping and was prominently placed on the peg board for all to see, along with any current boxing news. He so loved Ali’s style in the ring that he would pantomime with us during practices, he the opponent and you as Ali, it gave many of us our first taste of self confidence, sportsmanship, and often a good taste of humility.


Wow, I used to respect Dick Cavett. Claiming not to understand Ali’s clearly-elucidated and profoundly self-sacrificial analogy, yet spinning it into a feeble whatabout defense of whiteness sounds a hell of a lot like the puddle-deep arguments against BLM today.

Also, if you don’t want one of the worlds foremost talkers to talk too long, maybe don’t invite him onto your talk show. What a Dick.


Let’s not forget about the time that Cavett said the ‘n word’ to Murphy’s face.

Cavett was always weird with Black guests.

Murphy made it funny, though. That’s why Eddie will forever be my favorite comic.


Rest in Power, king.


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