One lightbulb, infinite possibilities: Save 25% on the ilumi LED Smartbulb now

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It’s a true mark of assurance to know your light bulb will prevent stealing food from McDonalds.

pfft, you cant choose black as a color. 1/5 stars. i want my light bulbs to suck the light out of a room.


Which is the button for decent color rendering instead of a monochrome yellow?

Oh, that’s incandescent I was thinking of. LED, yech.


honest question, what do you think of candle light or coleman lantern light? i’m just curious.

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Like the old fashioned gas mantles? I think they’re both great for use at the end of the day. I like to warm it up and segue into the sleepytime like science says we should. The gas lanterns are always have a little glare, as they’re a small bright source, so I’d drop a frosted lens around it if possible.

That “chandelier” is $270 worth of light bulbs! Still if it made my un-made bed look artistic I might consider it.

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just so i can totally derail a thread about buying something i’m not gonna buy…

if you ever find yourself in York (england), the Guy Fawkes Inn still uses gas for lighting. It is a magnificent institution.

And I have spent many hours sitting at this bar.

A fine gentleman bought a round of pickled leeks for everyone there. It was very memorable.


Wait, is this the same smart LED that broadcasts your WiFi password in cleartext to everybody within a quarter mile?


That was a different brand (LIFX) that was a kickstarter deal, though I’d still be wary. The Internet of Things has some down sides.


Does it have an API? Or can you just do the things the ad lists?

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