One man's crusade to digitize millions of newspaper pages

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Every time I think about huge efforts to digitize things, I wonder if there’s some machine that instantly shreds the source material after scanning it. And whether there’s another machine that takes the shreddings and reconstitutes them back into the original printed works. (And whether “Rainbows End” is actually a good book or just a bunch of interesting ideas and scenes.)


I just hope this gentleman has a succession & backup plan.


I have close to 100,000 photos on my computer since I went all digital around 2000. It is backed up really well including offsite that’s not the cloud.

Several times a year I sit down and think this is it, I’m going to start tagging with key words to make finding photos easier. Right now they are all sorted by year and then subject. Paid client photos are organized the same but I’m not too concerned about those.

The biggest problem is deciding on which DAM to use, I ain’t buying into Adobe.

Point is, I give this guy credit for doing this, it has to be something he enjoys doing because I’m not looking forward to organizing my stuff and I haven’t even started on the pre digital stuff.

I’ll probablly die before I get around to it and then it’s my daughter’s problem.


Some slowness may be due to traffic, but watching that home page load was almost a definition of glitchy and then seeing no obvious links to click… (those that looked like they ought to be links did not look like links and did not behave like links until a second or two’s hovering), well, perhaps site design might need some attention in the long run.

I would love to do this, but why not just add to has such a great UI, but it is so expensive year after year. However, still worth it IMHO if you need to mine the past for work or pleasure. There is SO much untapped history just waiting to be analyzed in the newspapers of the last few centuries…sadly its all the obscure little ones which get overlooked, leaving big gaps in our collective past.

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