One Night Ultimate Werewolf – spot the werewolves in the room or be destroyed

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I’ve played this game in the past and it’s not that fun. The lack of information and then you at times suddenly switching from being one role to another without knowing it makes it even worse. Of course that only happens if one or two people have the role that allow them to do that. My friends and I finally decided to get rid of the villagers, the only role in the game that has no special ability, because people who ended up in that role literally had no information to go off of besides what the other people decided to say. On the plus side it is speedier to play than longer bluffing games, but I would not recommend it to anyone.

I tend to agree with that - the problem is that switching roles around makes it feel a bit too random, although it does deal with the core player elimination problem of Werewolf/Mafia.

My weapon of choice for fast-paced group bluffing games these days is Spyfall. Absurdly simple concept but gloriously silly. The downside is that the first couple of rounds with a group who haven’t played before can be painful but it’s worth it once that hurdle is passed (and rounds are pretty quick really.)

ONUW is a hectic game of accusation, deduction, bluffing and double-crossing. It’s great fun. Figuring out each others’ roles can be hard, especially if the roles in play involve a lot of swapping cards, but you can adjust this by choosing different roles. Besides, it’s hilarious when you end up lynching your allies not only because you’ve guessed wrong about who they are, but about who you are as well.

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