Great deal on deluxe edition of Ultimate Werewolf

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Oooh - I was waiting for the local shop to get the vampire version back in stock… but this sounds too good to pass up…

I’m not going to draw a Venn diagram of “board game enthusiasts” and “people who often find themselves at parties” but it would illustrate the salient issue with this game, which I would like to play some day


It took a little coaxing to get non-gamers to play it, but we played it all night. The phone based narrator made the game work for everyone, the rules are simple and mostly cooperative. And you can mix in different roles once people get the hang of the game and want to change up the mechanics and even win condition in a major way.

EDIT: I totally misunderstood what game this is. My post was about “One Night Ultimate Werewolf”. This game is “Ultimate Werewolf” which needs a moderator with some decent presentation flair to make the game work. The One Night version is easier because an iOS/Android app handles the narration part.

How is this different than the “one night” version? I mean, I know that one is shorter games and you can have less people.

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Totally different games, I screwed up. :open_mouth:

Thematically they are the same, and structurally they are similar games. But the “One Night” version is shorter and simpler because you don’t got through multiple nights eliminating players. As a party game Ultimate Werewolf works well because people can get eliminated and go do other things and come back later to spectate. Because of the elimination aspect you need quite a few participants for it to work well.

Well I don’t often get 5 people together, but I am taking the kiddo to grandmas soon and will have her cousins there and I hope we can try it out. For 10 bucks, should be worth a go!

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