One of pharma's most notorious gougers is going bankrupt, but 2019 is a banner year for shkreli-grade pharmaceutical price-hikes

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One of pharma’s most notorious gougers is going bankrupt,



From the headline, should " shkreli-grad" be " shkreli-grade"?

As for this, are they really going bankrupt, or is it a restructuring/rebranding shell game in the disguise of a bankruptcy?

Are they just a manufacturing company, or do they have patented medicine?

If so, who is ending up with their crap? Other shady bastards?


a barely-effective acne cream

Huh. The wiki on the active ingredient only describes it as an anti-amoebae agent — says nothing at all about acne.


WTF - Aloquin is the name of one of my fictional characters… weird.


The drug isn’t FDA approved for anything.

Aloquin @ DailyMed

Derm meds are a racket already. No idea what this one is all about.

The main drug that gets my blood boiling is insulin. The modified derivatives are absurdly expensive, which might be understandable, but even plain human insulin costs an arm and a leg! The patent for human insulin was sold in the 1920s for ONE DOLLAR. That I have had patients who rationed their meds makes me want to beat some bastards, to hell with do no harm.


I think you’re exempt when those targeted are the ones causing direct harm.


First, do no harm.

Second, beat some bastards.


Manufacturers of popular generics are causing problems with a variety of medications, all to boost profits and renegotiate/manipulate rates with insurers. I’ve read articles speculating that there are industry-wide fears of another Amazon disruption:


I am amazed that anyone is trying the Shkreli manoeuvre. When he hiked his prices (or rather, the prices in his care, as he had no part in developing or producing the drugs) it was not clear whether this was illegal, or just extreme business practice. But it ended badly for him, and it ended badly for these people too, and every time it happens, it gets a bit easier because of the precedents. Instead of “We’ll take you to the highest courts in the land!”, it becomes “Fine. Just stand on that cross, and I’ll pull the lever”.

The bastards we really need to beat are the cunning ones…

Those are the ones you have to watch. And beat if you can find out how.


I wonder if there are any studies being done to determine possible useful byproducts of ground up pharma-gougers. One would hope they have some possible use though so far nothing much suggests as much.

…Come to think of it, I owe you an apology Beatin’ some Bastards can be wonderfully therapeutic. Maybe folks could generate a checklist of ass’s needing adjustment.

With the huge increase in price, I wonder how easy it would be for bandit chemists to synthesize in a trailer and sell on the black market?




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Fortunately, some of the manufacturers seem to be sloppy. A few of the allegations made by insurers and AGs in different states led to the discovery of emails where they discussed price fixing.

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Is his/her superpower really nice skin?

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Well he’s an angel, so probably does have nice skin.


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