One of the last known photos of the Formosan Clouded Leopard is a picture of a vest



SRSLY? Did you say “nice vest” sarcastically or because you didn’t want to have someone accuse you of Western-style judgement of other cultures? Because that vest would be shit even in the 80’s where those shoulders might fit in.

Dude is working tha’ bangs, though.

I keep bumping into fundamentalist capitalism whenever I try to talk about things that might cost someone profits. (Jobs) And what I keep hearing, is that unless you can attach a dollar value to something, then it’s not worth anything and you can’t ask someone to forgo profiting from that thing’s demise.

TL;DR - How much money is that single garment worth? I’m serious: If the insurance companies can put a value on a single random human life, what is the monetary value of a single charismatic megafauna species? It would have cost some money to set aside habitat for that critter, so could there have been any possible economic justification for doing so?

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