One of the weirdest videos of the 80s

I have spent some time trying to learn that base line and it is really something to play that perfectly live. Anne on the Roland hitting all those samples. It’s really awesome.

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There is a reason that I spent several years of my life in the spiritual service of Zang Tuum Tumb. I am not saying it was a cult (in the best way)_, but also I am not not saying that

When you see the reach that Trevor Horn has had through modern music it will literally blow your mind. I am not sure there is anything that he has not influenced (also, yes, I am hot for keytars)

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Appropriate that he was the first singer played on MTV?:


Anyway, you want 1980ies music videos? This is every 1980ies music video:

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I have a bit of a love/hate thing around Trevor Horn. He was hugely influential on music, but his treatment of Holly Johnson was unacceptable.

Johnson left Frankie Goes to Hollywood in 1987 because of disagreements regarding their musical direction. He became the subject of an injunction from the group’s record company, ZTT Records, and its sister publishing company, Perfect Songs, which cited a breach of his prior recording and publishing contracts, thus barring him from pursuing a solo career with any other new label. He embarked on a two-year legal battle with ZTT, the case being settled in Johnson’s favour on 10 February 1988, the judge ruling that the original contracts had constituted an unreasonable restraint of trade, remarking that “Mr. Johnson could be 70 years old and still be bound to this contract”.

And since we are talking about Holly Johnson, ZTT and weird 80s videos, we can remember some of the NSFW moments too.

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Duran Duran had a fair few risque videos back in the day. There’s an uncut version of Girls on Film that’s got a fair bit of toplessness in it, but there’s more to it than just the same four shots of women in lingerie repeated

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I can’t watch an episode of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul without this song popping into my head. I’m really hoping they use it in the last episode of BCS.

Secondary observation: there’s a lovely little visual joke in this video. The lip sync is deliberately out when he sings “now my rhythm ain’t so hot” at around 2’30”.

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They were all fairly weird/trippy in the early days, and that made it all so fantastic. I remember The Fixx - Saved By Zero, and One Thing Leads to Another and Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue, Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science, Collins - In the Air Tonight, Talking Heads - Burning Down the House and others of the era are fun to look at even now to see how cheaply they were made (but people realizing - “hey we can do nearly whatever we want with this form”). The sort-of proto-music videos done by Sabbath or Iron Butterfly - same thing. Hasselhoff’s Hooked on a Feeling came much later, but…wow, it takes the form in a direction and cannot help but make me laugh every time.

Ha, I’ve never seen this. From the still and before I saw the text, I thought it was going to be Safety Dance, LOL.

Yeah, that really did suck. While not wanting to excuse it I always kind of put it down to record label gonna record label


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