Superb eighties TV ad for local hair salon


I really think this is one of the most bizarre videos I have seen in months. Sure, other people put tremendous effort into doing weird things that I can’t imagine being into, like the guy who filmed himself falling into mud dozens of times. But this video features competent production values, dull but serviceable dancing, even what appears to be a band including a musician, and yet it’s as if they never actually heard what “music” is supposed to sound like. How could so many people have signed off on this?

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The other really weird thing about it is that they don’t give the address. For a business that you presumably visit physically in order to purchase its services, you’d think they’d at least tell you what street it’s on or what neighborhood it’s in.

It’s easy to be an armchair critic. For do-it-yourself, I thought it was outstanding. Especially how they switched things up just enough it wasn’t quite Tainted Love.

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Sweet jerry-curled Christ. I have seen the light.

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