Band pays tribute to classic '80s music videos by re-creating them in their own

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Fidlar did it much better.


I think, even if explained to me, I wouldn’t know the '80s video references. I just didn’t watch enough MTV to have them be familiar. But I’m totally into all the bad wigs on display. (Though I’m trying to figure out if the hilariously awkward dancing is entirely deliberate to go with the hilariously bad wigs, or just coincidence…)

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I did catch a lot of them, though I’m no expert. I think I saw a bunch of Peter Gabriel, Cars, Wham, DEVO, Robert Palmer, but I could be wrong about every one of them.

The best part was that song was good enough I didn’t quit playing the game. Great job on the song AND the video.


Better, yes. Not sure about “much” though.

Sorry, personal bias coming through. :slight_smile: I did like the more kitschy approach.

Heh: had to wait until the last shot, but I knew it would be in there!

wow, love that song! as a gen-xer, i lived on MTV, so i thought i’d do better than this, but i caught DEVO, the Cars, Dire Straits, Dead or Alive, Talking Heads, George Michael… lots more that now suddenly have faded from my brain again. maybe an AC/DC reference, not sure.

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I got one comment:


I always wanted to know what a kinder, gentler Arctic Monkeys sounded like. Thanks Canada!

Every time I hear a sentence like that, I just can’t help it, I have to think about this absolute legend from the CAKE video (video should start at 1:24 for the relevant bit, look for “Ralph Walbridge, Poet” if it doesn’t):


Zac Carper as Britney Spears has got to be the hottest thing I’ve seen in a music video.

Like others, I am clearly not of the MTV generation. Barely got 1 in 4, if that.

Yeah - the song did keep me there, so kudos for that, The Treble.

I was prme age, 12, for most of these to stick.

Ah hah
Thomas Dolby
Howard Jones
David Bowie & Mick Jagger
Talking Heads
Peter Gabriel
The cars
Dire Straighs
Bruce Springsteen
Tom Tom Club
Dexi’s Midnight Runners

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