Pomplamoose covers "Video Killed The Radio Star"




The singer sounds and looks bored, the music is tinny and the video gives me motion sickness.


Soulless, low affect, excessively Caucasian, hipster-twee crap.


cacarr beat me to it: Passionless, hipster dreck. When will this type of crap die-off already?


Didn’t Pomplamoose get enough exposure in those irritating, insufferable Christmas Hyundai ads a few years ago? Why can’t they just take their money and go away? This is the second video of theirs in less than a month that BoingBoing has shilled – enough is enough, guys.


I love that people continue to watch, and then complain about how much they dislike, Pomplamoose’s videos when they are posted here on the Boing. It’s this weird “I must tell the world how much I dislike the thing that they like” instinct that you see all over (and which I freely admit to have taken part in as well).

Personally, I find their cover versions of well known songs to be interesting. But maybe it’s because I’m exposed (through my kids and wife) to so much pop music dreck these days, that ANYTHING a bit more “off the beaten path” (in pop music terms, at least, maybe less so in hipster circles) is going to tickle me.


When will artists learn that when some people don’t like what they do, they must stop doing it?

I mean, it’s so obvious that this is how great art is made.


I liked the Ben Folds Five old version.

Warning: you might think this is outdated hipster garbage


You’re assuming we watched it. Some of us know better. :wink:


Hey, they can do whatever they want in the privacy of their own home. But subjecting the world to it is another thing entirely.


So even worse, you’re assuming it’s crap and complaining about BB “shilling” their videos, despite having not even watched it? Awesome.


I’ve seen enough of their output over the last few years to know what I’d be getting into. The first 20 seconds of this one was enough to tell me it was more of the same.


So why waste your time watching it/complaining about it here?


Isn’t that obvious? Because it’s fun.



Speaking for myself, music is my hobby and I take it seriously enough that I like taking a risk and trying new things every now and then, having said that I didn’t really like it, its not my thing, I haven’t really loved any of the other songs I’ve heard but you never know, they might surprise me so I’ll give them a chance.

Besides, its always nice to hear what other people do with a cover, I might get an idea I could use later on myself.


Well then, troll on my friend. Troll on.


Will do! That is, after all, what comment threads are for.


There’s an amusing predictability to these kinds of threads:

  1. Annoying video is posted
  2. Several posts complaining about how annoying the video is
  3. Inevitable post(s) complaining about the complainers
  4. Accusations of trolling

But how is 3) fundamentally different from 2) ? After all, just as no one is forcing the original complainers to watch/listen to the video, no one is forcing the critic of the complainers to read the complaints. Face it – we’re all trolls here. :slight_smile:


I didn’t and won’t watch it, but I too am mildly puzzled at its presence. I thought it was almost universally agreed that Pomplamoose was annoying.


Little girl is sad because she doesn’t want Pomplamoose covers.