WATCH: Pomplamoose cover "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

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I normally quite enjoy Pomplamoose’s covers… This one, not so much. And I can’t place my finger on why, exactly.

I feel the same. Though I love many of Pomplamoose’s other covers and mash-ups, this one seems to float along without really going anywhere until right at the end. I think it doesn’t work for me because I know the original is far more upbeat and bouncy and I keep expecting something else to happen, but it just stays mellow throughout.

I knew nothing of Pomplamoose before hearing this. But it just might be the first time I’ve heard a cover of something pretty well known and thought “wow, that’s better than the original”. Taking nothing away from the Katrina and the Waves version, but this is less earworm and more, um, meaty. And thus concludes my blessedly brief career as a music reviewer.


I’ve watched every Pomplamoose video BB has put up in the last year or so and I still can’t decide if I really like them or really hate them


Wow, this is weird, I actually LIKED this one.
I’ve never actively disliked anything I heard from them, it just didn’t click with me, but this I actually really like.

I will say that I always had a problem with the original, I always felt there was nothing to it but the hook, and this version, doesn’t de emphasize the hook, rather it levels out the song and I can appreciate it more as a piece of music.

I loathe Pomplamoose, and everything they stand for.

Yet God help me, I kinda dug this.

I find the original “Walking On Sunshine” quite irritating, so much so that I felt the need to post about it.

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I’m not a huge Pomplamoose fan, but their version of “La Vie en Rose” is quite good…

Just to be pedantic, this is the original version, not the one that was a hit in '85:

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Crazy how the wigs change her appearance so much (within my brain) that I thought for a second it was more than a 2 person band.

Well I learned from your pedantry! This is so much more palatable then the 1985 hit.

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Gah! When will I learn? After hearing them defile JB’s “I feel good”, I swore to avoid them like the plague.
They can suck the last drop of soul or groove from any song they get their hands on.

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