Pomplamoose's 'I Feel Good' (James Brown Cover)


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Is there nothing they won’t ruin?


I don’t know, i didn’t HATE it.
I’m having some trouble saying what I didn’t like about this without snark, but I’ll try

The arrangement for the music is kind of cool, its just that maybe they locked it down too much to the grid. I would have retained some recognizable part form the original, probably the bass line, even if it was played with a different feel but the vocal delivery is what mostly misses the mark for me, don’t get me wrong, its sung well, I listened to the million song they have up there and its much more vibrant, while here its bland, while singing “I feel good”, big disconnect for me.

Anyway, I’d listen to something else from them.

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It’s like an ambien fueled audio grave desecration. As if they suckled the last bit of Soul from James Brown’s corpse (because, oh yeah there is still Soul in it) and injected everything that is the anti-cool of musical grooves and pure sexual funk.


Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but these little girl, kittenish airy soft-core vocal styles that are dominant in much pop music these days suck. My female singer heroes were capable of going sexy little girl voice, but most of them were belters.


I feel like I’m eating at Houlihans.

That’s not a bad thing, I would like to hear this song over a plate of shrooms.

Remember when Britney Spears sang Satisfaction?


I feel like I’ve been sold a vacuum cleaner.


If hipster muzak isn’t a genre yet, I’ll license the term to any marketers that wish to capitalize on it.

I’d also rather watch Andy Warhol eat a hamburger.


I Don’t care what you all say, she could sing the telephone book, and I’d listen to it.

That being said, this one was a bit of an abomination. The “no soul” version of the song as others have noted.

Pomplamoose has done much better:

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The beautiful thing about living in a modern age is I can immediately, should I choose, to listen to the original. At any time of the day or night. BAM! A cover is a cover. It’s not supposed to sound exactly like the source material. It’s a band taking a song they like and putting their own personal spin on it. If that’s an issue for you, turn it off and listen to the original and quit harshing the vibe.

I like Pomplamoose, and I like Nataly Dawn’s vocals. I think she’s adorable. My only complaint is that I wanted more bass.


I admit my initial comment was a bit snarky. I have no expectation that a cover is “exactly like the source”. Covers are always risky for bands. There are 2 ways to do them. You either play as close as you can to the original, or you take it somewhere else. Unfortunately the somewhere else in this case is like dumping a bottle of bleach on a Vermeer. Thankfully I can go listen to the original.

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No, no, no, you don’t understand.

First of all, they’re white. Second, they’re relatively young, so they’re obviously “hipsters.” Third, they had the nerve to spend a lot of time actually making something, and it was something that was not enjoyed by people who had no choice but to listen to it. Where do they get off forcing people to listen to things they don’t like (especially people who don’t have the time/energy/desire/vision/talent to make things themselves)? They really need to check their privilege before expressing themselves like this again.


So there is no room for criticism? I realize your response is to everyone who did not like this rendition, not just me. I am happy they are making things joyfully, but if we all just have to clap our hands and say “Oh that’s fabulous, you’re such a special special snowflake!” Then what’s the damn point? I also wonder why you assume none of the detractors make anything themselves. That’s more than a little presumtuous. Keep in mind, me thinking otherwise does not force you to not think the cover is fantastic.


What is this LED-grid-music-gizmo and what does it do?

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I’ve been following Pomplamoose since this. <3 <3 <3 Jack and Nataly have done some incredible and creative work, and it’s my sincere hope they never really hit it big, because I want to keep them to myself a little.


That’s a Novation Launchpad, a MIDI controller made to go with Ableton Live software. Generally used to trigger music loops for live performance and/or composition. I think that Jack also has it set up to trigger the video clips on the TV below it.

I like this song, but I’m a Pomplamoose fanboi. (^_^) Not my favorite of their covers but it’s a nice twist on the original. I think their cover of Nature Boy is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.


It’s not that there’s no room for criticism, it’s that there is absolutely no point to it, other than to hear the sound of one’s own opinion. I concede that, for some, that sound is more pleasant than music they don’t care for. But those opinions are as useful as essays on why butterscotch is a superior flavor to rum-raisin. Granted, such essays are useful to some people.

However, the ability and determination to make art is inherently different from opinion, in that everyone is in possession of the latter.

You’re right that it’s presumptuous of me to imply that the detractors aren’t making anything. For the few that are, they really ought to get to it, then.

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That’s a horrendous idea, that we can or should segregate our shared domain of creative and artistic endeavor into fluffy fiefdoms open only to Artists, those few secular gods who stand apart. It’s as risibly gross as the Great Man Theory of History.

The reverse of your “hearing the sound of one’s own opinion” would also hold, i.e. it would apply as much to praise as to critique. That’s if one gives it any credence, of course, which one shouldn’t. It’s another horrendous idea. It’s just crappy to think people offer opinions (positive or negative) because they’re narcissists. Some certainly are, but your absolutism on that point is just an awful, pessimistic assessment of the human condition.

Yes, let’s never criticize anything, let’s all be fonts of praise or mum detractors.

A tasteful way to be half-naked. Noted.

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