Listen to the Scissor Sisters cover Comfortably Numb

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Yes! The best covers are those where the artist picked an interesting song and transformed it into something else.


FWIW - AWOL Nations recent covers album is pretty good.


I’ve found that in general the more I like the original version of a song the less likely I am to like a radically different cover version, and vice versa. That was certainly the case here.


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I too love covers like this that transform the original, but I am also reminded of Jonothan Coulton’s experience with Baby Got Back. It would be great if there were better laws in place to protect and encourage these arrangements and covers.


That felt like being rickrolled, but ten times worse.


Yeah, it feels so far divorced from the emotion of the song, the text reduced to a non sequitur to the upbeat transposition. I like Scissor Sisters, but this feels like album filler.


Not for me, but still far better than a cover that is just skimming not using the original artist’s work. I hate hearing a song from the uncanny valley. Use the original or be different! And whatever you do, credit and pay for the rights if due.

Certainly interesting…E for effort, but it didn’t do it for me.

Something similar, but may not be for everyone is Easy All-Stars who remade Dark Side of the Moon in Reggae style. I enjoyed it. Most of the songs worked, but some (notably, Great Gig in the Sky) did not.

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I guess disco doesn’t do guitar solos?

…deserves way more recognition, in my opinion.

Was originally going to post that I’d always thought this was a massive hit at the time of release and wasn’t it played on pretty regular rotation on even the most suburban of radio stations, for months? But then a little Wikipedia reading revelealed that nope, that seems to have just been in the UK. I never realised.

I appreciate a cover version that brings something new, but these days I draw an acception to slow, plaintive renditions of 80s/90s classics by sad-sounding people with acoustic guitars. I’ve seen enough TV adverts over the last decade or so that I think I’ve reached saturation point on that practice for a while.


Either my cr** speakers are possessed by the BeeGees or this is defs the BeeGees cut of Comfortably Numb. And I could sorta make out lyrics so; winner! Will migrate to phone and stuff…ahah…their band name into random shops sometime? '76 glam x Trans appreciation x (low-hitting chance of feeling I understand the Roger Waters OG), dunno, maybe mix it into the Darkest Dungeon II ST.


Yeah, me too.

I’d rather listen to the Sisters Of Mercy’s version:


While I don’t feel like dancing to it, I quite like it.


Sisters’ covers of anything are usually good value:


At least they didn’t slow it down.

This sort of reminds me of one of the reasons for the disco backlash- it was slathered on everything whether there was a reason to or not. Doesn’t feel like the style change illuminates anything about the song, just a way to hit the dance floor with a song that’s familiar. Like it reminds me of Hooked on Classics for “classic rock”.

at the moment i’m pretty fond of Kramer’s Doo Wah Diddy Diddy cover:

There’s always the pink project

As for this song, the transition between

Can you show me where it hurts? /
There is no pain you are receding

strikes me as important to “comfortably numb”, so I’m not liking the Scissor Sister’s cover.

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