Music Video: “Ham,” by Mr. Oizo (Dir. Eric Wareheim, starring John C. Reilly)



The Dollar Store sells guns and ammo? Fuck yeah!

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I am really bummed that I watched this. Yeah, consumerism and fat, ugly Americans. Blah, blah, blah. A completely depressing and unimaginative video.

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This hipness is getting a little classist. A lot of people who actually shop in places like that would enjoy a parody of JCR’s neighbors.
Looking back at Monty Python, their parodies of the upper classes are timeless, and they weren’t treating the lower classes like zoo animals.

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I don’t know why I find it so entertaining to visit movie, TV and video locations via Google Street View, but I do.

People who act like this are not lower class just no class. Regardless of your social plight civility costs nothing.

One key indredient for a good music video is to feature actual music. I didn’t hear any.

I’m just gonna leave this here:

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Mr Oizo? And I’d just about got this out of my head…


superior beat.

superior video.

I tried to get a guy to sell me his copy of the 12" out of his crate once. nothing doing.


That one chick was hot, amirite?

the last Flat Eric doll for $5 is about the only thing I’d fight for

Reminds me of (directed by Romain Gavras, and mind-bogglingly amazing):

Although I am inclined to agree with,

I love this style of realism, finding out what makes something “real” or “authentic”, and then hyper-ramping it up to make it more intense. A visual metaphor would be, I think, sharpening a photograph until it becomes distorted.

P.S. I think that Justice video is a fucking masterpiece.


Gahrd bless Amurica.

boo you!

What the fuck. Is this real? Are you guys for fucking real?

That website is fact based. Please note all the links further down the page.


wtf? I’m just . . .“masterpiece”? Why?

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Mr. Oizo is a genius.

Opening track of the new album is really something: