Allahu Akbar!




Well that was Dumb(o)


I… um… hmm… well… uh… yeah…

Ok then.


Rob should close this thread now. The comments can’t get any better.


I’ll be done seen
About Everything
When I see an elephant die

Too soon?


More racist insensitive privileged whiteboy drivel from boingboing’s in-house troll, Rob Beschizza.


It says right there in the post that it’s from Banksy.


Boingboing is not your personal facebook page, it used to have some standards of social decency before you became the main contributor.


Actually it’s always been a collection of Wonderful Things. Banksy is pretty wonderful, so this fits right in.


I think Social justice is wonderful, and laughing at racist jokes is non-wonderful.


Should’ve closed the comments while he was ahead.


In fairness, Dumbo has a checkered history of staring films with racist stereotype supporting cast. Perhaps he should be more…er, discriminating about which studios he signs with.

More seriously, who exactly do you assume the mujahideen in the video shooting down symbols of Western cultural imperialism are stereotypes of? I suspect the answer just might be revealing of your prejudices.


Well, it used to be a collection of Wonderful Things, now its mostly political grandstanding, complaining and a few Wonderful Things.


[quote=“goFlow, post:18, topic:11497”]
who said anything about stereotypes?
[/quote] You did. What do you think racism is built on?


I see you quickly removed your sexist epithet. Wise choice, though I’m not especially injured by being compared to a woman’s vulva. I would think you would know that since you purport to know everything about our lives.


World’s beefiest reveal


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I laughed at the joke on the numerous propaganda films found on youtube and it also critizises that grown ups fucks up the world for the next generation. I do not think the joke is that they seem to belong to a “race”, I find it no more racist then youtube vidoes of americans going “jesus” while fucking things up, things that can be interpreted as racism are often criticism of culture and for instance invoking god/gods while fucking up the world needs a lot more critzism.


Jeeze - lighten up, Francis.

Oh, man, George Carlin would have had a field day with you.


So - I did notice it was Bansky when it started - which kinda confused me, it looked pretty real. At first as the camera man keeps stepping behind the missile launcher I was thinking, “OH man, that guy is going to get creamed by the back blast.” but he stepped to the side. The Dumbo thing was a complete surprise, as was the kid’s reaction. Funny and witty.