Genderqueer artist wears a message about race


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Not sure what the term for this is, since “edgelord” is not gender-neutral.

I was thinking maybe “edgex”, to correspond to “Mx” (of which I am one). But if one is truly too badass, maybe “edgz”, since it goes one step beyond “edgy”…


I think there’s supposed to be some kind of subtle message that that outfit is trying to convey, but I can’t quite grasp it.


Because even more racism is the perfect way to defeat racism… sigh



Hmmm…Well, I dunno about South Africa, but I’m accustomed to starting my reading from the top. So, is “White People Fuck” a mere observation, or a command? Shouldn’t there be an accompanying web address?


Did you RTFA? It’s about starting conversations to expose and bring awareness to racism and privilege - not to further promote racism in an ironic way.


Seems like a strategy with plenty of room to backfire if the goal is “creating productive discussions about race” but I suppose time will tell.

Good luck to them, I guess!


Yes, but covering yourself with racist slogans is not the way to achieve that.

They might start conversations, but in a “one step forwards, two steps back” way…


Do you suppose that white people in South Africa suffer from a history of discrimination?


In a racist society like South Africa where the subject is from, this sends a very powerful message.


Funny enough for the song, Peter Steele was a white supremacist douchenozzle and I loathe his opinions even as I like some of the band’s output.


I did not know this! I was always more about the music than the performers in this case (a filthy casual).


Edgelx, where lx can mean either lord or lady.


Of course white people fuck. That’s why there are so many of us. White people, if you have a problem with this, just fuck more. It’ll also help you relax a little.


Did you just fold space from Ix?


I also like to imagine alternate versions:

  1. Black person wears suit that says “fuck white people”
  2. White person wears suit that says “fuck black people”
  3. Black person wears suit that says “fuck black people”

Which of these scenarios is racist? Is it possible to consider the intrinsic racism of a statement with a cultural understanding of the context?

I imagine that (1) is not racist because of the intrinsic power asymmetry in most integrated cultures. If you tone down the rhetoric, it’s basically saying “white people do some pretty awful shit” which is true.

(2) is definitely racist, mostly because white people are in a position to actually follow through on the threat of exclusion (whether by economics, cultural accessibility, etc).

Not sure what to make of (3). I think I saw that person at a trump rally.


When I see “Fuck White People” it doesn’t make me feel oppressed, because I’m self aware enough to know I’m a walking example of at least three or four forms of major privilege.

On the other hand seeing “Fuck White People” doesn’t make me think “oh, here comes a productive conversation!” either. But I could be wrong.


We’re having some productive/interesting conversation here, are we not? Being totally serious here.