Genderqueer artist wears a message about race

I just see a lot of people who want to fuck.

Seriously, though, it’s 1) asshole 2) racist and 3) Ben Carson


A vanishingly tiny minority perhaps, but essentially none i’d wager, but that isn’t relevant at all to this.

It’s very much possible to fight racism without being racist, this is not an example of that.

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Sure. That’s a self-awareness not everyone has, of course.

Sure. What kind of conversation do you think it promotes? What about the fact that, in some quarters, literally ANY attempt to create an acknowledgement of racism that shaped our (and South African) history and that still shapes the world today is decried as reverse racism? There are some people who don’t EVER want to have this conversation, no matter how nicely, politely, non-confrontationally, etc, you put the terms. Plus, this person is an artist, not a politician or academic, or public intellectual. Their point might not be to create a space for everyone to feel comfortable and it’s their right to do so, I’d argue. Not all things have to be nice and make us feel good to make us think.


Until the usual “oppressed white” victims come around.


14 posts in and no one has said, “that’s not art.” what the heck.

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You can see my comment below to @brainspore on this issue, too. I’d argue that this person is an artist and they don’t have to go out of the way to make everyone feel comfortable and good. Clearly, they are basing this on the notion of race as a social construct in general.


Are you saying that you don’t think it’s art? If not, why not?


Yes, that racist slogans are apparently acceptable depending on what race the person displaying them is and who it’s aimed at…

Racism is never okay, period.


For the record. I think this person means well, it’s just that this is an utterly terrible way to express it.


I think this begs the question, though, what do you define as racism and how is that reflected in power relations in post-apartheid countries like the US and South Africa? Is the end of institutionalized, law-based forms of racial discriminiation the end of our talking about the construction of race as a relation of power between groups with a perceived difference? Was it an end to institutionalized discrimination, that continued to privilege people who are understood to be white or is there still institutionalized problems that need to be addressed?

[ETA] Also, (maybe in other words) what do you perceive racism to be? Just individual hatred of an individual based on the color of their skin? Or do you see it as something larger and systemic, that works on multiple levels to dehumanize a group of people for the sake of another?


That’s not how we do it in Pingryville!

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More my speed


I don’t think it promotes any kind of conversation. My first thought is “oh wooow look at the edgelord”. If I were to have an honest conversation with such a person, the eventual conclusion would be that I’m taking advantage of a system that doesn’t automatically dock me a couple points because of my skin tone. To which I say, “so fucking what?” I don’t have to have shared someone’s experiences exactly to relate to them, and I don’t even have to be able to relate to know that things suck and that they need to be changed like yesterday. I don’t appreciate being reduced to Donald Trump just because I’m white.

It certainly doesn’t start any kind of meaningful conversation. It proves the racists right, in their minds. It makes US moderates* uncomfortable, and when they’re the slightest bit uncomfortable they don’t want to understand why, they just want to make the unpleasant person in the unpleasant suit go away so they don’t have to think. That’s why they’re “moderates”. We analyze it here… that is, when we’re not going "wooow look at the edgelord ". However, not only do we analyze everything to death, but with a few notable exceptions, the most right-wing people here are the establishment Democrats. While we’re having academic little conversations about the finer points of the message and the medium, we’re completely ignoring the greater issue of what do we do now.

*someone who thinks MSNBC is leftist and Fox News is a little to the right but still legitimate. Someone who thinks there’s a debate about climate change and evolution. Someone who thinks “Republicans do this, but Democrats do that” is in any way, shape, or form a valid argument.


Umm, what? White birth rates and population is not rising nearly as fast as African/African Americans or Asians.
Here’s a general breakdown by percentage of the world by race:


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That’s more than a billion white people. If you think that’s too few, maybe you need to fuck more as well.

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Wait, is it FUCK white people, or fuck white people. Or possibly: fuck, white people.

I guess that is the beauty of art open to interpretation, even silly art.


North Americans are the same race as Central / South Americans.


Could be all of the above although I like to think it’s the last one.