White Supremacy Euphemism Generator for journalists


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2016/11/15/euphemisms.html


that’s crackin’!

edit (many hours later): was expecting a relentless barrage of american-cheezy puns on slang terms for white - very disappointing


“Wan activists” lol


Y’all got understanding that they ain’t cotton’un to no fancy book learn’un. Ya’here!



“Germanic Sparkplugs”? No problem with the Germanic part, but sparkplugs?


Goosestep Enthusiasts!


damn it I should have got a screen shot but I would so join up on the side of The Feminist Glitterati!


Shame it doesn’t refresh the weather and date.


Clearly, Germanic Spark Plugs.


Never stop, Rob. Unless it’s to open the safe. But if the safe is still locked, never stop.


Awe … heartland why! I can’t help but feel that it is a dig against middle america in general and Iowa in particular. Iowa does participate in systemic racism (and in some measures is notably bad) but I don’t think that we deserve to be made synonymous with white nationalism.


Of course not everyone there is a white nationalists. There is no part of the country that doesn’t have racism issues. The question is what do we do about it?


Remind me again how many boingboing staff writers are black or asian. Thought not.


Great point. You putting in your resume?


Why? I’m quite happy with my job. Or are you making assumptions about me?


There are no staff writers at Boing Boing. This whole site is the editors who founded it, me, and periodical guest contributors.

In the sense you’re getting at, though, many of those contributors and former editors over the years were people of color, and we’re are always eager to find new voices. If you didn’t know this, well, people see what they look for.


Sorry. I don’t think I explained myself well. I don’t think that he is saying that all Iowans are white nationalists. I think it fair as a biracial Iowan to not like using the word “heartland” (a word that describes my home) as a euphemism for hatred and backwardness. I also understand that it’s not meant maliciously. That’s all.


To be clear, the term ‘heartland’ here reflects the circumlocutory generic newspaper that stars in this generator. Such writers, while trying not to say what they mean, tend to say more than they meant to.


That’s fair. And I think on the whole the project this minor object included is interesting. To Iowan’s it means Iowa and Iowans. There’s no reasonable way that you could have known that; and I didn’t think that it was your intent. But could you see my perspective on it?