Steve King's racism finally catches up with him, House GOP may kick him off committee seats


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It’s a start.

How about expelling him? Or refusing to seat him?


THIS. or how about just even openly saying “This guy is a racist asshole and the people who voted for him should be ashamed”

Isn’t this what they said was great about Nostradumbass? “He tells it like it is!!” OK…TELL IT LIKE IT IS at the very least!


Because the GOP could never actually be tough on racists, they just have to be for appearances sake


Well, they kicked him off all committees. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. It’s not sufficient, but still more than I ever thought I would see from the Republicans.


It would be nice to see the GOP finally kicking out a white nationalist*. If they can acknowledge that advocacy for (or JAQing off about the benefits of) an ethnostate that formally discriminates against people based on skin colour or ethnicity is not acceptable, perhaps others peddling that discredited idea might find themselves denied a respectable platform.

[* ETA: a racist. Same thing]


Ethnostate? But whites aren’t ethnics; they’re normal. /S


might catch up to him. Let us know when he’s actually kicked out of any committees.



As of a few minutes ago, reporting is saying he’s off ALL of the committees he’d been on. Finally.


Well, it only took 18 yrs, how long till the rest of the white nationalists in the rest of the congressional GOP are stripped of their assignments?

(This is a penalty for shedding the veil, little else)


Why the euphemism? Too PC to call a bigot a bigot?


Just the opposite, as my comment history will show. White nationalism is racism, and is the term King used to describe himself (because these blowhards are too cowardly to own what they really are).

[I appreciate your comment, and have edited my comment above to clarify]


Call this asshole on live TV what he is.

This is what my country produces on one side- human filth. We are supposed to be better than this, especially beyond all doubt at the level of Congressman.

Pathetic, America, pathetic.


Like Louie Gohmert but not as bright… and more evil.


Inexplicably, shame still works. Eventually. I guess.


More fear, cowardice and hypocrisy, which combination substitutes for shame with Cruz and his ilk.


Steve King’s racism finally catches up with him, House GOP SHOULD kick him off committee seats



I’m sure he, and his voters, will just see this as more work by the politically-correct, radial-left thought police.


It’s not a euphemism.

It refers to a specific flavor of bigotry.

Just like it’s not a euphemism when we specify that some one is a homophobe or a misogynist.