Die Antwoord's Evil Boy and a broken link on the interweb

Hi there. I was searching boingboing for an earlier article on Die Antwoord (this one), and I came across this other one, where Xeni talks about their song Evil Boy : http://boingboing.net/2010/10/06/die-antwoord-evil-bo.html

This part is particularly interesting, but the link is dead:

I think it’s likely some portions may be misunderstood, and a line in there will be misinterpreted as homophobic, but the story behind it (Ninja and Yo-Landi shared all the backstory with me earlier) is deep stuff, and anything but.

I don’t know what specific comment the link was pointing to, maybe it got deleted. Anyways, I found the backstory over there : motherjones.com/riff/2010/10/die-antwoord-interview-evil-boy-video

Now the thing is, about those men you have to go to the bush with. Xhosa culture is un-fokking-believeably homophobic. They like, do not dig gays—with the volume up! So Wanga thought it was funny that they then take a 19-year-old’s penis in their hand and cut their foreskin off with a kitchen knife. So Wanga made a joke: “Don’t touch my penis. I’m not a gay.” It’s basically like the most severe taunt you can throw at a Xhosa man. So that’s where that line comes from. Like, whatever. Like DJ Fishsticks, who’s done our remix. He’s gay and nobody really cares. South Park taught us that “gay” and “faggot” don’t mean a homosexual person. It’s somebody who rides on a Harley-Davidson motorbike and revs it really loud.

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