Die Antwoord's Ugly Boy


Not a huge Die Antwoord fan, but this is a catchy tune. And hey, there’s Jack Black!

Timed perfectly for the debut of the Chappie trailer

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Back on the business… dancin’ again!

Best band recording now, flat out.

Blocked by GEMA in Deutschland. How we love to see creativity stifled by big business.

Was that Mr. Richard D. James?

It certainly would appear to be… and appropriately attired!

Good song, not cool with what appears to be blackface.


Dude. I am like 90% sure the guy in blackface with the 'fro and the God shirt was Aphex Twin. Yulandi sported an Aphex Twin shirt as well.

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Mmm… probably should NOT watch the “Fatty Boom Boom” video then.

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I’m so old.

Oddly enough I thought she was wearing literal black makeup, not brown so it didn’t register until you mentioned it. Now I just don’t know.

Yeah, my wife alerted me to the new video, and my first comment was “Wow. I guess blackface has a slightly different social context in South Africa…” (but the idea of god as a happy seeming dude rocking a big old afro is fairly appealing…)

Yeah, I was kind of unhappy with both videos use of blackface-esque type imagery… The context might be different, because they are South African, except that SA has its own rather long and complicated history with race as well, and I’d wager that includes various kinds of similar kinds of imagery.

The credits dedicate the video to trigger; the guy covered in tattoos who was shot in October http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2788953/fiancee-celebrity-tattoo-artist-trigz-reveals-lifeless-body-sidewalk-tells-man-shot-dead-outside-hollywood-smoke-shop-hope-rot-hell.html

Come now, certainly life can’t be that bleak?

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Either you love all of DA’s disturbing edgy imagery or you get off the bus, but nitpicking this video to calm inner regional subjective morals is futile.


Pitchfork says that it’s not Aphex Twin