Pitbull Terrier, Die Antwoord's new video


Cool; freaky video.

It’s a Zabranjeno Pušenje cover, yes? (From Black Cat White Cat)


If there is one thing Die Antwoord knows how to do is elicit guttural, emotional responses.

(slightly off topic–proud owner of the smartest, most wonderful pit-mix in the world :smiley: )

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Everytime I watch a video by Die Antwoord, my conclusion is always “Yep. I am not hardened enough to live in South Africa.”


I came here to say this. Happy to see someone pick up on it so quickly. Black Cat, White Cat is one of my all-time favorites.

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Am I the only one who would really like to see a mainly instrumental techno album, sprinkled with samples, from DJ Hi-Tek? Not that I don’t enjoy Ninja and Yolandi, but goddamn his sorta of retro-infused beats is totally my shit.

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See, when Zach de la Rocha is angry, I get it - and I like it. But when someone like Ninja is angry, I don’t know what the hell is going on.


Exactly how I feel! I keep wavering between wondering why BB keeps featuring this group, because I don’t see anything interesting going on, and wondering if this is really good stuff that I’m just too old to grok. Ok…I’m probably dating myself right there!

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Yolandi’s verse kind of saves it, but otherwise not my favourite Die Antwoord song. Great beats though.

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Oh goody, someone saved the pedantic card for me!

That’s a bull terrier, not a pit.


I was thinking that. I prefer the later version of Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra, though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1gaOPOtuAc

Yeah, not that great, they write so much better lyrics, why cover something simple. The original is pretty left field, so probably deserves a cover :smile:

It actually might have been better if they sang in Afrikaans - way more badass than English.

Yolandi’s verse kind of saves it, but otherwise not my favourite Die Antwoord song. Great beats though.

You wrote in two phrases and an additional sentence precisely my thoughts on this. I mean, I could’ve walked in here and written exactly the same thing, even starting with “Yolandi’s verse kind of saves it”…

Here too. I’d even like to hear an instrumental version of this track, without the verses and just Yolandi and Ninja singing in the chorus. (Wait, I guess that’s a dub version.)

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