Babies dressed up like Die Antwoord


This is certainly not phallic enough.

Tats missing…

Look at that bandana, just look at it.

One of 'em made a fatty boom-boom :blush:


So I gather that this ‘Die Antwoord’ is something of a thing? Who? Male; female? Never mind. I don’t think I care.

I was just thinking after reading yet another Gamergate post that I was starting to miss hearing the latest about Die Antwoord.

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Why not just google two words and save yourself twenty?


I didn’t have to google it only because I already knew it as a Dutch newspaper.

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It’s one of those “music” groups that, unless you love them, is difficult to describe without being called a “hater” or a troll.

I saw Die Antwoord briefly at Riot Fest in the summer - but they were playing at the same time as Dropkick Murphys, so the extent of me seeing them was the amount of time it took me to walk past them on the way to the can.

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