Die Antwoord's Ugly Boy

What’s their source? It really looks like him, they performed with him recently, and shes wearing his shirt.

In other news, Yolandi and Ninja split? When/why did that happen? That has to make making music awkward.

No source listed. Though other music sites seem to be citing Pitchfork as their source now. The song also samples Aphex Twin’s Ageispolis, so it would be surprising if the rumours turn out to be false - might he possibly be denying it because of the blackface?

Edited to add:

The White Stripes seemed to make it work.

I like the White Stripes, but how much of their music was Meg? I didn’t think she actually wrote much and other than some minor vocal work, she just played the drums.

Yo-landi and Ninja seem to share in creative more equally, and certainly close to 50/50 performance wise.

Sorry. Blackface is gross and needs to go.

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Sorry. Art that worries about ANYONE’S precious feelings is gelded. The only responsiblity that an artist of any stripe (audio\visual\performance) has is to what they make.

Thank Dobbs that the Surrealists and Dadaists never listened to people like you.


I used to REALLY like Die Antwoord but this blows. Pop star cameos and supermodels do them no favors in my opinion and I don’t find this one interesting or artistic at all. It’s a dud. Zero stars. Lame. Cringe-worthy even. Worst Die Antwoord video so far by a mile. (did I mention I don’t care for it?) I can’t believe fans dig this new uninspired tripe.

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Were the surrealists or dadaists employing racist stereotypes? People are more than welcome to do so, I don’t think it should be banned. But it’s not artistic or edgy, or in anyway cool. I don’t really like art that “punches down” and such racists tropes are indeed punching down. I maintain that it’s gross and needs to go. YMMV.

Please, tell me what “people like me” are like… I’m keen to find out.


To be fair, neither did the video. If he had a bunch of gold chains, bucket of fried chicken, water melon, miming to “Mammy”, etc you would have point. It’s all about context.

I was bringing them up, because @thedarkbackward did…

Maybe I’m missing the context of this particular video, but given South Africa’s history of apartheid that ended in the 90s, I can’t imagine that they don’t have similar issues? To be honest, I felt similar weirdness with some of Mighty Boosh’s episodes that skirt to edge of that, and I love Mighty Boosh. I just don’t think that white people parading around in black make up is ever really okay, given the history of exploitation of black entertainers and black stereotypes for white audiences.

But in what context is black face “okay”? I think just about none, but maybe you have a different view on the matter?

Personally I don’t see the harm if it isn’t used as a way to attack and demean others. Two recent examples that come to mind is a girl who cosplayed Michonne from The Walking Dead, and Robert Downey Jr’s performance in Tropic Thunder.

I have a similar view with the “N-Word”. While for sure it can be used as a vile racist attack, and yet often times it’s not used in that way. In the right context it is a greeting.

Though I am sure we share different views on what is appropriate and have a different degree of sensitivity towards it.


I think maybe it’s less about context and more about who is doing it.

Had to post this.

M&W Historic Re-enactment.


“Stop… it’s racist.”

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Yeah, it doesn’t actually really look like him either (he’s not that tall for one thing), it’s almost certainly one of Chris Cunningham’s Windowlicker masks.

Ah yes, that is possible. One of the many masks they have used in his videos.

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